Australia, oh Australia, what is happening there July 1st 2022? Escalating infections, escalating deaths, 85-90% vaccinated!!! We told you idiots, stop the COVID injection, it is driving infection!

by Paul Alexander

Australia is talking masks again...they will not listen to Geert, or Yeadon, or Bridle, or I, yet they do not yet understand it is the virus-host ecosystem that is driving this; China, et tu? Et tu?

As you see, infection is not getting back to baseline so will not get to herd immunity. To baseline means we cut the chain of transmission.

It is very simple, with elevated infectious pressure (circulating virus and vaccinating into a pandemic), high vaccine rate (90%), a sub-optimal injection that is non-neutralizing and pressuring the infectiousness of the virus, the spike, then more infectious variants will emerge and as Yahi et al. and other groups have shown (Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?), the non-neutralizing antibodies bind to the spike but do not eliminate or neutralize the virus and actually enhances/facilitates infection in the vaccinated.

So Australia, tell us again why you think this is happening? And we told you to open up and stop the COVID ZERO lockdowns and school closures, but you laughed at us, called us insane, but you are trapped now. Your nation has little background natural immunity to cope with any new clades and even if the new ones completely bypass natural which it does not, but let us game that out, you are going to cause huge problems for by continuous vaccinating and boosting, you are causing the vaccinated to get infected and some will die. Even if clade BA.5 is more serious, you simply stop the vaccination and you start urgently anti-viral chemoprophylaxis to tame the infectious pressure.

You strongly protect the elderly and vulnerable and go on with life. Do not damage the potent innate immune system of children, it is the key immunological tool to get to herd immunity. Use vit D3 lavishly in your population. If you continue to damage the innate immunity in your population, they will be vulnerable to monkeypox, hepatitis, HIV, EBV, CMV, common colds, COVID, fungal and bacterial infection etc.


Wuhan Sees Virus Return Days After Xi Reinforces Covid Zero

As long as you keep the society in the ZERO COVID lockdown, you will never ever, ever get out of lockdowns China! no background immunity in population. Mark this day I write this. We have told you over and over, use a focused protection, protect the vulnerable, use early treatment, use vitamin D3. The more pressure you place on a highly mutable respiratory virus, the more it will mutate and elude you. You can never get ahead of it. There is also animal reservoir (s) that enable COVID to remain in the environment.

China is in trouble, it does not know what to do, after we showed them for 2.5 years. And has been part of this vaccine fraud so now has played a role in driving the BA.5 variant. Be careful China!