Australia, once held as the example of the best response as they slandered USA; waves were not getting back to baseline (see 1st graph); now look, surging Omicron cases. how? they had best lockdowns!

by Paul Alexander

What happened? they locked down like Canada & China too long & hard & suffered & killed their economy & people; in wait of a failed vaccine that drives infection; why? no background natural immunity!

They only staved off virus and vulnerability for a short time. It was inevitable what was going to happen and we told them this! Lockdowns and vaccines have failed for Australia!!! Their ZERO-COVID has failed! Same is and will happen in New Zealand. As is happening in China now with the catastrophic ZERO-COVID policy. See Austria.

Three key failures include:

1)underestimation or failure to consider the evolutionary capacity of this virus to adapt or evolve to the pressures placed on it; the sub-optimal vaccinal immune pressure on the spike is a critical rate limiting step; not just vaccine, but all lockdown policies

2)failure to approach COVID and the vaccine inclusive of both the virus and the host immune response; an evolutionary ecosystem between virus and host immune response; the pressure placed by the immune response (sub-optimal) on the target antigen

3)failure to understand that it is the non-neutralizing induced vaccinal antibodies (an imperfect ‘leaky’ vaccine) and NOT the virus, that is driving the variants and surges in infections and in the vaccinated; the antibodies bind to the virus yet does not neutralize it, and in so doing, increases infectiousness of the virus to the vaccinee (ADEI)

I beg the Australian government to listen: boosters are not the answer! Stop the mass vaccination, stop now and do not, under no circumstance, vaccinate your children with these vaccines. The COVID vaccinal antibodies are high-affinity and specificity for the target antigen (the spike binding sites) while the innate antibodies that are being trained in childhood, are low affinity, poly-specific. The vaccinal antibodies are what we may call ‘antigen specific’, very specific for the spike and as such bind more readily and strongly, saturate the virus and spike, over the potent yet low-affinity, innate antibodies. The vaccinal antibodies will outcompete the innate antibodies and bind strongly to the spike and subvert, or sideline the innate antibodies from binding.

As part of the training and education of the innate immune system in the child (and in a key window of opportunity), the innate antibodies need to bind to viruses to be trained and instructed in responding and in recognizing other glycosylated viruses (for optimal future innate immune system functioning) and in recognizing ‘self’ from ‘non-self’. Differentiating self from non-self is key as part of innate immune system development in children. As mentioned, in being blocked from binding by the vaccinal antibodies, and thus not being trained, this prevents education of the innate immune system for later on in the child’s life to recognize other viruses and ‘self’ components of the child from the ‘non-self’ components and compounds. Vulnerability to a host of other pathogen and auto-immune disease is the result of not being trained, and this can be deadly. The window of opportunity for innate antibody training in early childhood is key, and once missed, the effects are irreversible.

My advice: open up Australia and now, urgently, and fully, with strong double and triple down protections of the elderly and vulnerable (nursing homes and private homes) and allow the rest of the low risk ‘healthy’ population to live largely normal lives. With reasonable precautions. Use vitamin D and use early treatment as needed.

Australia did not allow their populations to develop natural background immunity, even a little bit. Locked down too long and hard. So now as infectious sub-variant clade BA.5 comes through, they are susceptible as an entire population. No where to run. With a vaccine that is non-neutralizing and driving infectious variants and infections in the 95% vaccinated population, and now driving hospitalizations and death in Australia.

In short, they fell for it and have failed!

Mass vaccination after excessive lockdowns with no natural immunity as a buffer, using a non-neutralizing vaccine in the midst of a pandemic with high infectious pressure and sub-optimal mounting immune pressure on the target antigen.

The deaths are happening in vaccinated Australians. They failed! They were too stupid, the inept government, to listen to us!

Excess mortality due to the vaccine and due to the failure to treat sick people during the harsh lockdowns and now they are acutely ill and dying. That’s the excess mortality.