"Australia suffers deadliest day of pandemic as Omicron drives up hospital cases": I have been saying, this is what happens when you locked down too long and hard, no acquired-adaptive immunity

by Paul Alexander

When you locked down, you deny natural immunity, and thus inching closer to herd immunity, you actually HARMED and damaged your population; we, I, Gupta, Atlas, Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, McCullough etc


I fear/we fear, that New Zealand will go same.

We have told them this, to open up, open up your society Australia, open schools, open up, you are suffering your people, killing them, you have killed your own people by your failure to respond optimally; your government officials are inept, misguided, hysterical, illogical, unscientific, and all you needed Australia was to properly take care of your elderly and vulnerable, and allow the rest of society to live largely normal lives, free, with reasonable precautions. Allow your children to be free to use their natural innate immunity to tame this pathogen.

Omicron is a gift, your off-ramp, take it Australia, take it and run and use it to emerge from this insanity you are suffering your people with, show the world some example; it is time, ‘it is time’…

It is expected that with heavy infections and a still susceptible population, because you locked down too long, so you left your people vulnerable, ‘sponge-like awaiting infection, that there would be some deaths and this is happening; do not panic, take care of the elderly, make early treatment available openly and freely, and open up…seems the infections may have peaked now with Omicron and Delta, but the death curve is following; it is also likely that these deaths (or lots of them) are Delta which is more serious than Omicron…

“A total of 74 deaths were registered by late morning between New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia's three most populous states, exceeding the previous national high of 57 last Thursday, official data showed.

"Today, is a very difficult day for our state," New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet said during a media briefing as the state reported 36 deaths, a new pandemic high.”