BA.5 COVID clade subvariant rising, BA4/BA5 & BA.2.12.1; BA.5 has multiple mutations on spike, sufficiently 'different', re-infections; AGAIN; it is the vaccine, stupid, causing variants, STOP vaccine

by Paul Alexander

Vanden Bossche, Yeadon, myself etc. have warned, it is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies in the failed COVID injection driving selection pressure for more infectious (potential lethal) variant

It is ludicrous that authorities would continue a vaccine that is driving infectious variant after infectious variant and we argue soon there will be a lethal variant due to sub-optimal immune pressure (vaccinal non-neutralizing antibodies) on viral virulence. This COVID injection has to be stopped! Under no condition should your healthy child be given these injections given their near zero risk and no benefit from these injections. Given the harms and given the subversion of the potent developing innate immune system is children. If the innate immune system is subverted, children will be susceptible to a range of pathogen, viruses, as well as COVID. There is no sound justification for this.

Stop this ineffective, failed COVID injection.