BA.5 Omicron sub-variant clade now 24% while BQ.1s at 50%; & so as we predicted, BA.5 will be replaced as DOMINANT; why? basic Darwinian Natural Selection evolutionary biology; 'fittest' go forward!

by Paul Alexander

Emergence of sub-variants (BQ.1.1) will continue until you stop fraud mRNA gene vaccine; MASS vaccination across all age-groups with high infectious pressure & non-neutralizing vaccine causes variants

If you use a sub-optimal vaccine that induces a sub-optimal, immature, underdeveloped, sub-lethal immune pressure on the target antigen (in this case the binding sites on the spike protein), then this is the perfect setting for natural selection to ‘select’ for more infectious variants that can overcome the sub-optimal vaccinal antibody pressure. These ‘fitter, stronger variants become enriched in the environment and then become dominant e.g. now BQ.1s e.g. BQ.1.1 as above. You Francis Collins, Bourla, Fauci, Bancel, Walensky et al. cannot be this stupid to continue with this failed vaccine especially the failed bivalent booster that would have become a mismatch to the antigen. It has. Then is there malfeasance? We need to know.

Again, go ask Rochelle, and so they have created the landscape to keep vaccinating and you on the booster treadmill the rest of their lives. You will need a booster IV bag drip next. 24/7 boosting.

The question is, where is the uncensored scholarly debate on this, this that is happening right before our eyes? Where are the virologists and immunologists and vaccinologists? Why leave it to novice immune and virology scientists like me? Why are you silent and only expert scientists like Bridle and Vanden Bossche are left to raise concerns. Why? What were you paid for your silence?


The data is showing that hospitalizations are flat and so are deaths across the US and the new BA.5 bivalent booster has not worked and no effect. Go ask Rochelle how the booster worked out. Yet critically, this is telling us:

i)that Natural immunity always worked, did work, and has worked to protect us, not the fraud failed vaccine, and inf act, worked much better than vaccination

ii)that the vaccines are and were driving higher rates of infection (what we also know as negative efficacy), and as such, as we delightfully see, when there is less vaccination, there is less COVID infection, cases, hospitalization, and deaths.

The COVID gene injections has failed and I argue always did and NEVER ever worked. You have to explain to me how you removed the impact of natural immunity and early treatment in the data as well as how you controlled for co-morbidities and the healthy vaccinee effect.

Once you vaccinate into a pandemic, with high infectious pressure (circulating virus) using a non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccine that does not stop infection, replication, or transmission, then selection pressure on the infectiousness of the virus (the spike and its binding epitopes) will drive emergence of variants that are more infectious (and potentially more virulent).

We either stop the vaccine or reduce the infectious pressure with chemoprophylaxis.

But do not listen to me, listen to Dr. Ding Dong below, Jha to go get boosted:

It is the vaccine, stupid, not the virus, that is driving emergence of variants. This pandemic will continue for 100 years.

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