BA.5 sub-variant is leaving the building at 7%, while BQ .1 & BQ 1.1 & XBB accounts for 81% proportions of circulating variants; what a mess for Pfizer & its failed ineffective 8-mice BIVALENT booster

by Paul Alexander

What does this mean? It means the bivalent booster is failed and junk & when Rochelle got her 5th shot and got infected, the nation realized it is junk; won't touch it; worthless garbage!

XBB is particularly surging! This is what happens when you keep vaccinating into a pandemic with massive infectious pressure with a sub-optimal vaccine that induces sub-optimal vaccinal immunity (induced vaccinal antibodies have not gotten to their full binding, maximal affinity because you idiots vaccinated while pathogen was circulating) that places the target spike antigen under sub-optimal pressure; the result is natural selection pressure that ‘selects’ for the fittest most infectious sub-variants that will become enriched in the environment and dominate e.g. like omicron BA.5. Yikes, let us hope we do not get a Marek chicken virus happening here with ‘hotter’ strains being transmitted. There is a tremendous likelihood. Those continuing this vaccine program know just what they hell they are doing, in that this pandemic will continue for 100 more years. Fauci & Francis Collins, Bourla and Bancel, drag them into a court and depose them under oath.

More variants to come!!



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