Baby Will's parents are damn right refusing regular blood supply! Safe because the hospital & doctors said so? won't trust doctors today to take my temperature; Ryan Cole on the mysterious blood clots

by Paul Alexander

Baby Will's parents must demand safe blood for him for they are the parents and know what is best, not doctors or hospitals that sedated, Remdesivir-ed, ventilated & killed our parents!

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Baby Will in New Zealand: he needs life saving surgery & parents want him to have non-COVID vaccine blood in transfusions etc. I say tremendous & the way to go yet the INSANE malfeasant Starship
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Re-post but this story is getting traction. This is a clarion call to parents, to people world over, to all of us, from baby Will’s parents and baby Will himself, that the blood supply is tainted with COVID gene injected vaccine filth, that deadly inflammatory spike glyco-protein that is a devastating endothelial pathogen. You are sure right to ask for autologous blood today.

Whether it is autologous blood from the baby (autologous means same person’s blood) or a directed donation from a COVID unvaccinated donor, it is the optimally right thing to do for no one, not one of those imbecilic doctors can attest to the safety of the blood supply given the COVID gene injection and its ravages. Same in USA and Canada. Who is the hospital to dictate that the parents cannot use safer blood e.g. blood from a specific donor? To me, it is as if this hospital is trying to KILL baby Will. I see no other explanation.


New Zealander’s, get off your arses, call the hospital, make your voices heard, help rally to the parents for baby Will can easily be your child.

Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist:

Dr. Ryan Cole: New Evidence Of Alarming Blood Clots In Vaccinated Dead People

Dr. Ryan Cole on whether the blood supply is safe: "We don't know and see pathologist Ryan Cole on the mysterious blood clots

Cole: “The interesting thing in a lot of these patients e.g. we can do a D-dimer that says “a clot is present’…if have an elevated D-dimer, that’s the direction one thinks…it has got to be micro-clots…you can live with micro-clots, even with medium-sized clots at least for a while, but the tissues around them eventually become compromised as the tissues die off and become non-functional as you do not have oxygen getting there…the clots get larger due to snow-balling”.