BALANCE: Intubation & ventilation (early) & diamorphine & midazolam, YES, KILLED our peoples (deadly Remdesivir) but not ALL doctors to blame; initially solely borne of ignorance of the disease

by Paul Alexander

and fear for the patient’s imminent decompensation, so at some level we must be fair recognizing early intubation was WRONG! Top pulmonary doctors tell me it was difficult to get them off or save them

There was widespread reliance on “supportive care only” until the use of corticosteroids became standard of care - things did get better, some top respiratory specialist tells me (but sub-optimally) pretty quickly.

Let us set Remdesivir (failed EBOLA drug, liver and kidney toxic) aside for it was a deadly failed drug and there MUST be investigations as to how this became standard of care and was pushed in hospitals knowing the death that was accruing from it. This drug by NIH was a Fauci and Francis Collins fraud. They changed the primary and secondary endpoints (it is academic fraud) to be able to declare some success, when they knew the outcome was not patient important. They knew the data showed it was harmful and had no impact on deaths, in fact, caused deaths. They disregarded the WANG et al. LANCET publication the very same morning the NIH study was released and Fauci touted it at the White House as ‘standard of care’. The WANG et al. study was a devastating indictment on Remdesivir, as to its pure failure.


'Many top line early treatment doctors, real heroes, expressed to me confidentially that ‘a main objection to the failure of care in the hospital was the too-low dosing of corticosteroids (the dose in the Recovery trial was fraudulently chosen as too low - this will come out over time) as well as the non-use of ivermectin, fluvoxamine, anti-androgens etc. But the initial care practices quickly changed over time - all the hospitals using early intubation stopped it and it was abandoned and doctors learned to support patients non-invasively with heated high flow nasal cannula oxygen or non-invasive ventilators and intubated only as a last resort.

Now to the sedatives for it is a very vexing situation and many of our elderly died as a result and this and it really must be investigated. Yet again, I wanted to be fair and to drive a discussion with senior people like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Kory, Dr. Urso, Dr. Risch et al. and all those on the front lines for we cannot relegate all doctors to the thrash heaps of history while recognizing many, thousands, belong there.

Yet the excessive use of diamorphine, midazolam, fentanyl, and propofol as described by high level pulmonary specialists to me, very senior clinicians on the front lines, was because these patients were extremely difficult to ventilate on ventilators, not only due to altered lung mechanics in a novel/atypical way but largely because of what was referred to as “COVID encephalopathy” - the spike protein and cytokine storm was altering brain function, and patients had excessive and irregular respiratory rates and volumes and would buck the ventilator and it was difficult to achieve “patient-ventilator” synchrony. They described that when making ventilator adjustments does not do it, sedatives are the only thing that does.

As such, I wanted this on record as it was described to me, so that we are fair for we cannot assume that all doctors were reckless and malevolent. I do think many were and will be shown so with proper investigations. Many provided critical care for patients where massive doses of sedatives were utilized. Yet as described and I do know some personally, they did not have mal-intent when they sedated patients and in fact, it was the opposite and often it was a desperate situation to save the patient and get some respiration going and especially in advanced disease and/or the moribund where massive doses were often required. As they re-iterated to me, it was not to “get the patients to stop breathing”. So I wanted to ensure we table this side of things for fairness and balance as we move forward to understand just what went wrong.

However, the malfeasance and fraud and corruption in the global response to COVID is almost impossible to enumerate and they agree. Many doctors agree and want to come forward to enter the battle fully. The list of malfeasance by the governments and medical establishment and technocrats etc. is very long and keeps getting longer, but many now turn to me to argue that the excessive use of sedatives and ventilators should not be put on that list. I find it very intriguing and brave of them and they want to ensure they make their case while telling me that many wrongs were done.

Yes, the sedatives, the ventilation etc. and what resulted was ignorant, incorrect, and harmful, but it was not of a fraudulent or corrupt or malevolent intent. This is their argument and in time I suspect they will come forward to help explain their actions and steps they took. In a sense, they were simply panicked, dumb, and scared doctors who did not know what they were doing. They are clear to me that there are enough things to fight against and correct for the historical record and/or hold people accountable for and hopefully send to prison for, but the above is not some of them.

So I decided to table for you to weigh in on and have this balanced view.