Bannon WAR Room: "The Numbers Don't Lie With Biden's Approval"; I agree, the people don't want Biden, he does not know where he is, what he is saying or doing; filth is the repubs want him to stay

by Paul Alexander

so they can run against the clear mental decline & the democrats just want to hold the power as will not even 25th him; Biden was genius insurance policy with VP giggles, even DEMS don't want her

That is the issue, the American people are being destroyed by 2 parties that are playing a sick game with a demented POTUS, I feel sorry for Biden as this is abuse by all involved, for one, the republicans want him to remain there so they can run against his declining health situation and devastating policies (that really are Susan Rice’s and Obama and the radical leftists freaks) and the democrats just want to hold power and know if they put VP giggles, it is over. Democrats will lose every congressional seat and senate seat if VP giggles a turn at bat. So the democrats are stuck with Joe and it shows his genius picking her as the best insurance policy he will not be moved. Remember, giggles got 0 votes in the democrat primary, not even democrats wanted her as as the nominee, she had to drop out I think FIRST rounds.

Bottom line: the American people are screwed by the filthy republicans and the filthy democrats, both playing with a declining POTUS. Not one of them interested in what is best for the nation. In a way I feel for POTUS Biden for he is being abused on the world’s stage, whether he knows it or not. I do admire the people behind him who have pulled this off for you thought the deliberately manufactured furin cleavage site released virus and the fraud pandemic response and bringing a fraud failed vaccine out of the gate knowing all it would do is trap people on boosters (almost every day), well, what they pulled off electing a near demented POTUS is fascinating and pure genius. In your face. What they are doing and how they are destroying America is fascinating for IMO, both parties are doing this. Few, few in government, care about the US, it’s about their money and making as much as they can.