"Barack Obama told ex, ‘I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,’ letter shows"; this is the issue, what has impressed me much about Obama over time is his honesty, with this, he said he

by Paul Alexander

wanted to stand up Iran and make it a nuclear power and he is and was well on his way, you do know he runs Biden's government? You did know he gave Iran the drone and naval gunboats? who cares?


Al of these people, all of them are pure freaks, need not look further than the congress and senate…just freaks…tax-payer money loving freaks.

Obama did well to enrich and strengthen Iran. I wonder why. Him and Biden. Was it:

Obama to Biden: “Joe, I will avert my gaze from your corruption and selling of America to China and Ukraine as long as you avert your gaze around the madness I am doing making Iran a nuclear weapon nation and giving them US military secrets, is that ok with you Joe?