BBC criticised for letting cardiologist Aseem Malhotra ‘hijack’ interview with false Covid jab claim; Aseem Malhotra’s ‘misguided’ views linking some Covid vaccines to excess heart disease deaths

by Paul Alexander

should not have aired, say experts; WRONG! Aseem is 100% correct, the rate limiting step was that Aseem initially was on the vaxx side yet his dad was killed be the vaccine & he is now a soldier


After criticising new guidance on statins, he cited British Heart Foundation (BHF) figures that suggested there had been more than 30,000 excess deaths linked to heart disease since Covid first arrived.

Malhotra, a cardiologist at ROC Private Clinic, claimed mRNA Covid vaccines play a role, saying his “own research” showed “Covid mRNA vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk”. He added that he has called for the vaccine rollout to be suspended pending an inquiry because of the “uncertainty” behind excess deaths.’