"Beijing sees record Covid cases as China outbreak spirals"; once again, ZERO-COVID in China is suffering its people needlessly & will do nothing against COVID; they must i) strongly protect the

by Paul Alexander

elderly & vulnerable ii)use Vit D3 & PSAs on healthy body weight iv)use early treatment & prophylaxis v)use nasal oral washes vi)no lockdowns or closures vii)let the vast rest of people live FREE!

The at risk vulnerable will always be and remains persons over 80 with underlying medical conditions, morbidly obese etc. COVID virus continues to behave how it should behave. COVID February 2020 is the same as COVID November 2022.

ZERO COVID against a respiratory mutable virus is absurd and will never work. Locking your populations down long and hard denies your Chinese population some level of background immunity against future variants. Each time you move to re-open, you have millions of susceptible. Just strongly protect the vulnerable and let the rest of the low-risk healthy population live reasonably normal lives, free.

Unless, we ourselves do not know something that China knows. Is there something about this virus that China (Wuhan Institute of Virology) knows as to poison pills and what will next happen? Did these beasts unleash a Frankenstein monster chimera virus that, with the fraud gene injection that is driving variants, will not stop? The fact is that the lipid-nano particle (LNP) platform is devastating and dangerous and must be stopped. This mRNA LNP platform is delivering mRNA and LNP across the body and it is bio-accumulating even in the brain.

Yet is China’s actions out of fear of the future based on what they know about this now? Are their actions reasonable? What do they know? They are acting constantly as if this is a virus with a 50% mortality. The IFR remains at 0.15% (similar or less than seasonal flu), less than 70 years it is 0.05% and 0-19 years 0.0003% (survival 99.9997%).

So why is China either acting insane, uninformed, or reasonable? Again, based on all we know after 3 years, their actions are crazy, punitive, insane on their people, or is it? Is there something more to this? What Did Fauci and Francis Collins do to this world with their Gain-of-Function insanity?