Ben, senior editor for rag junk corrupted YAHOO says calls grow for Judge Aileen Cannon to recuse herself in Trump documents case; oh, so she must recuse? oh I see, & let your hack corrupted democrap

by Paul Alexander

crooked type judges oversee the case? well why don't we hand 45 a rope for that is what you plan to do if we don't stop you; again, be careful, what you do to him will visit you in kind tomorrow

each action, we will be like the Nazi hunters, we won’t forget, like how they hunted Mengele (yet we got Mengele 2.0 in Fauci and Francis Collins) and Barbi and Hess etc. if it takes a decade or two, we will punish you for your crimes the exact same actions you took on him…strip him of his rights of fair process, we will do same…jail him, we will do same, to your POTUSes…you think the rain falls on only one man’s house?

be very careful for we are watching.