Berenson: flat wrong on Long COVID, as has been flat wrong discrediting early treatment or Malone; even wrong discrediting Brix, she is deranged yet qualified! A twitter ban does not = an expert!

by Paul Alexander

Alex, get back in lane, slow your role, Dr. Ashish Jha, treated no patient, yet hit early treatment & disparaged us at the SENATE hearing; if you treat no patient, you do not know! its that simple

A TWITTER ban is no big deal for most of us who were banned, we look at TWITTER as garbage. Moreover, we are busing with the real issues. So those running around getting the vapors and tugging at their fish net stockings and raising money on their ban, come on, stop leeching off of people. Sweat for your own fever, handle your own issues, and stop telling us about it.

Back to Alex. You, Alex, have treated no one with LONG COVID yet disparage and discount them as absurd. Why? You have to wait to understand the science and we cannot just discount these sufferers as absurd or not credible. In addition, you have no idea about early drug treatment for high risk COVID infected persons (with early symptoms) yet discredit it. You treated no one. Why then the smear on early treatment? You sound like Dr. Ashish Jha at the Senate hearing with Ron Johnson where he attacked us for our work on early treatment. He was a fool and absurd and emerged as such when he had to admit under questioning, that he treated no patient. So how could he know? It was a watershed. Same here for you Alex! I urge you to read the research again or if you have not, then read the research. Do not talk on the subject for you appear ill-informed. If you need help understanding the methods and data, I am happy to help you!

Tell me how many patients you have treated Alex with early treatment? Tell me how many you have dealt with for LONG COVID? I did not hear the number the last time, tell me or tell us again? What did you just say? ZERO? Thought so!


I end there!

We have to have humility and respect the giants around us too, they did the work.

I love the work we all do, who are out there fighting, in this, you are wrong, wrong on LONG and wrong on early treatment! Wrong on the science and wrong because you have treated no one. Your views are second and third hand so please temper them!

Thanks though for joining us in the fight, you were late but thank you too for using our work and showcasing it. It means a lot!

Again, holla at me if you need help discerning the science and literature, will be more than happy to help.