Berenson & I often do not agree & we spar, yet in this issue of Bill's NFL player Hamlin collapsing on the field, we agree & see his stack; he shows stones matched only by McCullough & Oskoui

by Paul Alexander

Berenson understands that we cannot as a differential diagnosis, dismiss the COVID gene injection mRNA/DNA platform as the cause; at least he has held while even doctors on our side AWOL

See my prior substack on Damar Hamlin and this tragic situation and see Berenson’s. We are all people here and we want this young man to survive. But serious questions now emerge and you are damn right I will not let the authorities, the NFL, no idiotic television doctor off the hook.

It is incumbent on the NFL to divulge vaccine status and also to do all it can do now to prevent the rest of vaccinated players from this life altering injury, including death. If this was vaccine related, NFL must come clean. Players lives are at stake now, their lives.

I believe with more certainty today, that this was a vaccine induced myocarditis grave injury that manifested on the field. It may even not be linked to the hit and we are being confused by the temporal association. Meaning it may be that even if the hit did not occur, Damar would have suffered the same fate. This was likely, more than not, vaccine.

This is a very serious development!

Big praise Alex, you show more stones than most. I like that! We still have issues but a hat tip is in order.

This is not about who writes first etc. This is about the truth and saving lives. The NFL mandated the shots. They have serious questions now to answer.

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