Berenson just said on FOX, he said it before, that long COVID is not real, it's a lie...made up...IMO he is flat wrong and a huge mistake...stating its 'in the head' basically

by Paul Alexander

He is not contemporary with the science e.g. Dr. Bruce Patterson and his group are finding spike 15 months in the blood stream post virus, and it helps us understand the prolonged symptoms and type

Berenson just said on FOX, he said it before, that long COVID is not real, its a lie...made up... its ‘in your head’. His contention is these are people who never had COVID likely. How does he know this? He is wrong, gets input on stuff he writes and we see that, but whomever is advising him failed here, should have told him to not state that...well, he is wrong and he should step back and stay in his lane, he is a health news reporter and he has treated no patient, alike me, but I have read and seen enough to know you cannot say that now, too early as there is lots we do not know, but more importantly it cannot be said to be fake. He is misinformed of people who have suffered post COVID, whatever it is, and daily we learn about this COVID and in surprising ways...whether it is man made or emerged zoonosis, we have lots to learn on this. Dont just discount people who have real concerns.

We have people with real concerns about shedding, they never had the virus but have serious symptoms too…we have young girls and their mothers taking them to the doctor as they are hemorrhaging and not had the infection or even vaccinated but near people who were. And bleeding. This is not irregular periods, it massive blood loss. We know that people can have cellular immune response even if never infected but just exposed, near someone. The power of cellular T cell immunity. So he is wrong and this is actually disregarding a serious issue. That we know very little of and need to study.

He is a health reporter and I like some of what he writes, but he should stay in his lane and ensure he is informed.