'Biden Admin’s $40m ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives'; Documents uncovered by the Media Research Center (MRC) revealed the Biden Administration used a $40 million grant

by Paul Alexander

program of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ostensibly earmarked for anti-terrorism purposes, to target conservative organizations and media, including you, me, Breitbart News.

Welcome to America Democrat style and you would think Republicans would learn how to play the game when they have power. They have the congress and it is still as if the democrats have power. Republicans do not know how to govern or what to do with power. They love chairmanships and the wine and cheeses. Watch how all the media BS about the debt ceiling is just that. A dog and pony show. They all will get their pork and kickbacks, both parties.

This is what happens when ‘GOD’ or religion, faith, is replaced by the ‘State’ and transgenderism etc. In our faces.