Biden administration & DARTH VADER Lloyd Austin doing everything they can to destroy the most lethal advanced military on earth, 'US military'; now they focusing on gender PRONOUNS; China is laughing

by Paul Alexander

There is word inside that soon the PRIDE flag will be painted on the tails (fins, rudder), to match the PRIDE MARINE Rainbow BULLETS

We have enemies spending each waking hour planning the devising ways to blow us up and these pink poisse hat freaks are studying how to make bullets gender inclusive and pronouns…no doubt, Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau, the top dog gender pronoun deviser is providing guidance in this madness!


To ‘unleash the potential of diversity and inclusion,’ US military division told not to use any pronouns

The latest news on the culture front comes from the U.S. Pacific Air Forces (PCAF), the division assigned the role of countering or confronting China. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the PCAF has “ordered its senior leaders and commanders to stop using gender pronouns in written formats, saying the shift to more neutral language will help improve the fighting force’s ‘lethality.’” According to an email sent in May at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam: “We must embrace, promote and unleash the potential of diversity and inclusion.” Specifically, commanders are told: “Do not use pronouns, age, race etc.”

Why? Because: “Competition against near-peer adversaries requires a united focus from the command, the joint team, and our international partners. Welcoming and employing varied perspectives from a foundation of mutual respect will improve our interoperability, efficiency, creativity, and lethality.” According to the Washington Free Beacon, this “policy change is part of a larger effort by the Biden administration and the U.S. military to foster what it says is a more culturally sensitive environment.”

A spokesman for Andersen Air Force Base confirmed the authenticity of the emails: “Unleashing the potential of diversity and inclusion at all levels is a Pacific Air Forces’ priority and something we strive for at Andersen. Diversity and inclusion are force multipliers and warfighting imperatives that enable our competitive advantage against near-peer adversaries.” There was no explanation as to how, exactly, “diversity and inclusion” are “force multipliers” or specifically, how they “enable our competitive advantage” against the rising Chinese superpower…”