'Biden Administration will encourage Americans to get new COVID-19 vaccine, KJP says'; this is very dangerous & Biden administration again misleads & harms Americans for the XBB.1.5 vaccine MISMATCHES

by Paul Alexander

the EG.5 dominant variant clade or any other emerging clades e.g. BA.2.86! There will be viral immune escape, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection, original antigenic sin (recall to Wuhan)

Immune priming or fixation etc. will play out and thus the vaccine cannot hit the target antigen. The XBB1.5. booster KJP talks about is failed before it has been rolled out. This is a disaster and selection pressure will drive emergence of new variants so in effect, Biden is keeping this virus ongoing, variant after variant with a sub-optimal vaccine that does not sterilize the virus (stop infection).

KJP continues to mislead and lie openly. They are giving her bogus wrong information. She clearly does not know what she is saying so I won’t hold it against her.