Biden et al., Biden INC is now using the Justice Department & crooked leftist prosecutors, AGs etc. to destroy Trump? Trump MUST do same, he MUST on re-election (or another with stones) MUST return

by Paul Alexander

this, he must use the government's full power to punish them, and do it openly and showcase them and perp walk them, down to Hunter and go back to Obama days, ALL, eye for an eye, I want that

Going after him for him questioning the rigged election? and it was rigged as much as he lost votes due to what Fauci and Birx and Azar and Hahn did to him with the fraud pandemic and lockdowns and vaccine…for questioning? is this what America is now? we are no better than Nigeria or Yemen…I will stop here for the words I may use may get me locked up…I will stop…I will keep my thoughts to myself.