"Biden falls while getting off bike after beach ride"; look, I was at various speeches today & I recall a lady walking up to me saying "Dr. Alexander, I just got a tweet Biden fell off his bike"

by Paul Alexander

She was laughing & making fun of him; this really disturbed & angered me for I have parents his age, dad in law etc.; we lose our balance with aging; it's not a joke and it can cause serious injury

We have to be able to separate politics from the human being. Humanity.

I do not agree with laughing at someone’s misfortunes or pain. I may not and do not support or like Biden’s politics and detest the left wing whacko extremist America defeating America hurting policies and the green nuttiness and a clear push to destroy the US now, yet as to Biden, he is an elderly man, he has memory and seeming health issues etc., I do not support his politics etc. and I think he is bad for the US, but at the same time, I cannot laugh and enjoy his struggles with aging and health. We can strongly detest his policies yet leave the personal animus aside. WE deal with this at the polls. We all will get there in terms of aging and loss of balance is one deficit and it affects some more than others.

So I appeal to you, as we wage this battle, we have to recognize in the end, we are human beings and we leave the judgements to our makers.

I felt sorry for POTUS Biden today. I hope he can begin accepting his aging and surrender gracefully to it for to me, the older years are the sweetest and most admired. Our elderly are our real prized portion of the citizenry.

His policies are really hurting the US.


Biden falls while getting off bike after beach ride