Biden & his dangerous frat boys, now driven China & Russia to spoon, & now Putin & the prince (MBS, Mohammed bin Salman) are tightening up: fears in west as Russia & Saudi Arabia deepen ties; shocked?

by Paul Alexander

No, I am not shocked the least for it was coming, we the west, the Biden administration are driving our enemies together, they have no idea the danger uniting China & Russia

The issue is that Prince Mohammed’s decision to strengthen relations has alarmed allies, but he has long admired Russian leader.


‘They both started wars in neighbouring countries, hold significant sway over energy markets, are known to brook no dissent and to covet spots in history. Russia’s embattled president, Vladimir Putin, and Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman, seem to have a lot in common.

Nearly eight months into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, relations between Riyadh and Moscow are at a high point. As much of Europe, the US and the UK double down on attempts to combat an ever more menacing Russian leader, Prince Mohammed has instead chosen to deepen ties.’

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