"Biden’s approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll"; this is where nation like US should have voter recall for POTUS; cannot wait for midterms to neuter or 3 years; nation being destroyed

by Paul Alexander

It is clear, his capacity is not there to lead the US, and the actions of Biden's administration are catastrophic to the fabric of the US, and its security; we need legal VOTER recall

The population needs to get this on a ballot at some point and make it that no matter at what stage of the POTUS’s term, any POTUS, no matter repub or dem, no matter, no matter if an independent, no matter, we do not wait for 25th etc. if it is an even viable option. We need a legal proper legal permissible voter recall all the way to the POTUS. We cannot wait for the machinations to unfold if a recall option is there. We cannot wait for elections in as much as mid terms each 2 years. No, the voters themselves can initiate a recall and removal procedurally and legally if the accumulating destruction and damage is clear. Three more years of this would be harmful to the US and the VP is also not up to it. IMO. I even mean recall of anyone at any level of government, house or senate. Instant even. We would give you 48 hours to vacate or we would recall you procedurally.

I hold nothing against Biden and I am not commenting on health etc. Just that it is clear something is very very wrong especially as to the actions that are against the best interests of the US. We must have a decent, respectful, law abiding, transitional way to go from a dysfunctional POTUS to a replacement in the interim. I do not know how, just raising it given what we are seeing.

The question: can we hold on for 3 years? I mean, its either they are provoking us or themselves to think he can run in 3 years. I think it is abuse, what we are seeing. Some adult needs to step up and say enough and the truth is, it is the people of the US who are being mostly abused and damaged here in this.

It is incredible how we got here. One election can pivot the great US in this way. This is the greatest nation on earth, our police, our military, our special people who serve, in all manners, and as such must be protected and put on the proper path.


Biden’s approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll