'Biden tests positive for COVID-19': I don't buy this, this is to get statements out that the vaccine helped him, bull! if this is true, he is in danger of severe outcome as vaccine fails & harmful

by Paul Alexander

he had 4 shots, masked, isolated, yet gets infected. shows the vaccine is garbage and this is to drive 5th shot etc., believe nothing the press tells you or the administration; I am concerned if true

The vaccine is causing 3rd and 4th shot persons (boosted), especially elderly, to become very ill and now are being hospitalized and dying. We are seeing severe illness in the boosted elderly.

It is the non-neutralizing antibodies that are driving greater infectiousness of the virus to the vaccinated. Causing the vaccinated to become infected. This pandemic will never end with this failed fraud COVID gene injection that is based on imprinting, antigenic fixation, prejudicing of the immune response to the original exposure or priming, which is the Wuhan strain, not the circulating omicron etc. Antibodies to the Wuhan strain will be recalled when you are facing omicron spike. Does any of this make any sense?

If all stays same, this injection will keep this pandemic or scamdemic, going for 100 years. Variant after variant, and the booster treadmill.


Biden tests positive for COVID-19