Biden's hatred for America & US Military on display again: “Kick In The Face” – Soldiers Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine are NOW Forced To Pay Back Signing Bonuses; Biden administration is a disgrace

by Paul Alexander

So no money for US soldiers but money for corrupted drag President Ukraine's slush fund kick back MONEY LAUNDERING democrat (& republican) scheme? Is this how it is? $ for illegals but 0 for soldiers?

We have some illegals behaving like predators on our society, killing and raping our people after we let them in (well Biden and Obama let them in, and Bush), and many are thieves, rapists, and did I say murderers? They can get free money and laptops and flat screens and Obama phones and money, huge money and our soldiers cannot? They can get free healthcare and our people cannot?

Many good people in the illegal mix but many, I argue most are not who you want in your country and don’t give me the crap about who will do the lawn cutting etc. We need to punish not just the illegals but also the business owners who hire them. Take all their money. Jail them!


You come up in my house and raping me? Why don’t you stay in the shit hole you come from, stay in the shit hole, you belong there! Don’t come in someone’s home, they opened it up and let you in, and you turn around and rape and murder us?