Biden's SOTU speech; what a clusterf**k; tonight I need to engage in some planning for I see a Putin who reads the post SOTU speech polls that spell a bloodbath at the polls for DEMS in Nov coming

by Paul Alexander

No more COVID to hide behind and it aint Vlad who is in trouble, it's Joey, and Joey has one of 2 options; commit US deep involvement militarily which is a 'no go' or use the red phone and call Vlad

I was not as concerned as I am now after listening to the disaster of a SOTU speech. I have to re-arrange my assets and estate etc. No kidding, this SOTU speech made me realize how much in danger we are for we have a clown car now leading the US and foreign affairs etc. We have a Vice POTUS (VP Harris) who said this below and you tell me, did you not feel after her explanation to start pulling all the hair from your head? I mean, is she serious? I mean, does she not understand we are talking possible thermo nuclear war here? Does she not understand who Vlad is? Now I have no confidence any of these people know what the hell they are doing or saying and are getting us into deep trouble.

See where we are with the frat boys??? See where they want to go and I hope you understand what this implies…WW III. The US and Russia must not get in any confrontation.

CNN's own heavily Dem poll gave Biden lowest 'very positive' SOTU response in 15 years: 'The tide did not turn tonight'

What is frightening is that the post SOTU speech polls and by democrats are devastating. Never before so disastrous and low. So Joey may be thinking, ‘hhhhhhmmm, I wonder if I could pull a ‘Bill’ here, with this as a blue dress stain moment when I could just fire some missiles into pharma companies out in some African nations? Could I?’

No Joey, different time and different players. Different issues. This one player has as many nukes and this one is blowing red fire out of his ears.

But I sense Joey may be in trouble politically and after seeing the post speech polls, may be thinking that a strong US military response would help him. No Joey, worst mistake. Joey’s back is against the wall for the midterms are coming. Sanctions do not work other than to hurt the poorer in society. Not the governments. Joey thus needs to talk with Vlad, and talk fast and discuss and get to some settlement to stop this. Stop the posing and posturing and smack talk. Time to put on grown up pants and work this out.

So Joey cannot commit US to step in front of NATO or the UN flag in this and place US blood and treasure on the line; recall, the US spent 20 years in Afghanistan and just retreated on accounts of Joey, this has been a mere 5 days…hands off Joey, no US blood to shed in this for this is not the US’s problem, sorry to say, this is Europe’s problem. I will tell you when it becomes the US’s problem, not now, stop trying to make it in the ‘best interest of the US’.

Time to avert your gaze Joey to our own borders, your border, and secure that. Place troops there. Many troops. Time to fix the insanity of the homeless situation and the threats and risk civilians walking in the street in Cali face; at any moment can be stabbed or shot by someone with mental issues; we all have open hearts and love and dig deep but the crime on our streets is insane and you are doing nothing about it; focus on the borders you have opened up to illegal entrance with no proper background or security checks and have been disease risks for the rest of the nation, focus on that; we hear many are possible terrorists seeking entrance in disguise, so focus on that; focus on the black on black crime in Chicago and elsewhere that your own party pretends does not exist.

I say to Joey, tell the little boys and girls at State to STFU, go home, and then look around and find you a couple of statesmen and women to join your team…keep Jen at press for she is smooth at spinning and distorting but in an effective way…you need her as you are in crisis now, do not let her jump ship…stop inflaming the situation for never before have we ever been as close to a nuclear war, as we are now…Vlad is in full flight now and doing the unthinkable, ruthless as can be, but we the west helped get him here so we the west must help us out of this insanity; and I do not fear it, nuclear war or increased risk of it from Vlad, no, actually I fear it from the war mongering neocons and neolibs and military industrial complex…

COVID is done, it is over, one year or more now and you have no virus to hide behind, so drop the mandates and the emergency powers. But for God’s sake, use the red phone and call the man, and man to man, discuss his needs and yours. It is the US, the greatest nation on earth to solve this now not with military involvement, but taking some leadership FOR the first time and dialoguing fast and furious and settling this. This is insane, and FOX and CNN etc. and media in general are stoking war for ratings and engaging in often nonsensical reckless talk.

Stop it! This is becoming serious and people are dying needlessly. This can get very bad very fast of CNN and FOX do not engage in more responsible reporting. Stop the war mongering.

For the sake of the world Joey, for this is moving from a cold to a hot mess very fast, please engage in high-level discussions now, find what is needed and quell this. I know there is lots I have omitted here and this is a lot more involved, and you nor I can do the justice to the complexity of this matter. This has thousands of years of history etc.

But let us deal with this simply, he wants no NATO or NATOized Ukraine on his door step, I think, no UKRAINE in NATO, and you want him to stop and retreat and leave UKRAINE. I think. Seems this is the basic set of outcomes to stop this and at least get a ‘stop’. Again maybe I made this too simple but to me it is. I think the former can be agreed upon now for it is the same assurances we would want as the US as to our borders and possible adversaries on our own door step.

We can discuss minutia and the like later on, punishing who did what etc., but for right now we have to stop the blood shed. We have to stop destruction. We have to stop the march toward deeper and metastasizing war and possible accidents that could surround nuclear weapons. Let us get talking fast at the right level and stop the posturing and threats.

Where is James Baker III when you need him? That type of big boy statesman.