BIG pharma owns our fascist governments now in US, Canada, UK etc. and these governments paid back pharma with kickbacks by buying the failed, kidney and liver toxic drug REMDESIVIR; Fauci criminal

by Paul Alexander

It was pay back time, we knew the study by Wang et. al published in the LANCET early in the morning the day FRAUDCI announced the failed NIH trial as success, over time, became known corrupted study

The NIH study was a fraud…but used to make remdesivir standard of care and killed many many people…listen to me, REMDESIVIR kills, do not take it, it is a failed ebola drug that the study had to be stopped for it was killing…do not let your family get it…

This was pay back to big pharma by government, pure grift and graft, kickbacks ‘IN YOUR FACE’

“Follow the money. Modern Healthcare reported last week that hospitals spent $1 billion on Gilead’s remdesivir, more than on any other drug during the pandemic. As the article notes, this is the first time in a decade that AbbVie's rheumatoid arthritis biologic Humira did not top the list for most money spent on a hospital drug.”

What do we know? It causes devastating liver and kidney toxicity, DO not allow it, if prescribed to you, do not take it, I know the science here, Fauci should one day be charged for this corrupted study and what he and NIH did here…

The NIH admits that remdesivir could cause liver toxicity and kidney failure. The WHO recommends against using the drug, and a study published in JAMA showed it increased hospital stays. Now, they are attempting to take their road show to outpatients. Horowitz: US spent $1 billion on failed remdesivir – cash that could have helped save lives - TheBlaze

Look at the abstract of this study published the same day NIH rolled out their corrupted botched remdesivir study (this one by Wang was dropped early the morning, NIH rolled out its remdesivir the afternoon via Fauci saying it is the standard of care, and these doctors and scientists stayed silent, knowing the wrongs…I put the findings:

Remdesivir in adults with severe COVID-19: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial

‘Findings: Between Feb 6, 2020, and March 12, 2020, 237 patients were enrolled and randomly assigned to a treatment group (158 to remdesivir and 79 to placebo); one patient in the placebo group who withdrew after randomisation was not included in the ITT population. Remdesivir use was not associated with a difference in time to clinical improvement (hazard ratio 1·23 [95% CI 0·87-1·75]). Although not statistically significant, patients receiving remdesivir had a numerically faster time to clinical improvement than those receiving placebo among patients with symptom duration of 10 days or less (hazard ratio 1·52 [0·95-2·43]). Adverse events were reported in 102 (66%) of 155 remdesivir recipients versus 50 (64%) of 78 placebo recipients. Remdesivir was stopped early because of adverse events in 18 (12%) patients versus four (5%) patients who stopped placebo early.’

But the government has kicked back billions to pharma for failed dangerous drugs like Remdesivir. ‘Also, remember, unlike ivermectin, which has 20 mechanisms of action spanning through the inflammatory and blood-clotting stages of the disease, remdesivir cannot work once the inflammatory reaction occurs. In what universe of science and medicine would remdesivir become the standard of care for a billion dollars while ivermectin and numerous other common repurposed drugs that cause no serious side effects are essentially criminalized? And let’s never forget that remdesivir was developed by UNC Chapel Hill in the same lab that originally applied for the gain-of-function research on ACE-2 binding of coronavirus spike proteins.

But remdesivir isn’t the only scandalous drug on the block. In fact, the approval and payoff of big pharma have been corrupt and concerning with regard to every COVID drug on the market. Take Merck’s molnupiravir, for example. The drug is potentially mutagenic, carcinogenic, and showed no meaningful efficacy even in early stages of COVID during the second half of the trial. On the printed label for the drug, the FDA issued the following warning on reproductive health’.

Horowitz: US spent $1 billion on failed remdesivir – cash that could have helped save lives - TheBlaze


So, ‘we have zero proof of efficacy, no long-term trials, no cancer studies, but they already know you must use contraception for three months after taking the drug! As CNBC reported last year, molnupiravir was found to be lethal to embryos in pregnant rats, in addition to causing birth defects and reducing fetal body weight. In the dog trials, it also caused birth defects and interfered with bone growth of young pups. Last month, the New York Times reported on a University of North Carolina study that found mutations in hamsters after they were administered the drug. The authors suggest that studies are needed to tell whether these “mutations in host DNA could contribute to the development of cancer, or cause birth defects either in a developing fetus or through incorporation into sperm precursor cells.’