Bill Gates the sexual deviant pervert? Seems so based on this reporting & others! We should have known, most high level society people, elites, congress people, senators, MPs, high level government

by Paul Alexander

people, hide in plain sight e.g. inventors of mRNA technology thats basis for the COVID gene injections that killed your family! same ones who are pedophiles & fornicate with their pets & hold bibles

‘Some female job candidates were asked whether they ever had extramarital affairs, what kind of pornography they preferred or if they had nude photographs of themselves on their phones, according to the candidates and people familiar with the hiring process. While it couldn’t be determined whether any men were asked such questions, none who spoke to The Wall Street Journal said they had.’

Female candidates sometimes were asked whether they had ever “danced for dollars,” some of the people said. One of the candidates was asked whether she had ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease, according to the candidate.

A spokeswoman for Gates said his private office, Gates Ventures, hasn’t heard about such questions being asked during background checks done by third-party contractors. “This line of questioning would be unacceptable and a violation of Gates Ventures’ agreement with the contractor” who must comply with pre-employment screening laws, she said.’

These are the very people who are pedophiles, yes, pedos & fornicate with their pets, yes, high level people