BILL RICE, JR., excellent substack 'Trends that Scare the Heck out of Me Some things are mild aggravations; some a tad disconcerting and some features of our New Normal are downright terrifying.'

by Paul Alexander

Bill is over the target and LeBron James's son Bronny James cardiac arrest 99% likely due to the mRNA technology gene injection, is the target and driver of this fine piece; support Bill

‘I just made a post at Alex Berenson’s site about the apparent heart attack LeBron James’ son suffered while playing basketball at USC.

Readers were discussing whether LeBron might use his celebrity stature to finally raise awareness about vaccine injuries and deaths. We all seemed to agree this wouldn’t happen.


I opined I knew this wouldn’t happen because probably hundreds of people with some celebrity status had now suffered possible vaccine injuries or had family members who “died suddenly” … and none of them broached this taboo subject.

If such people didn’t speak up in the past, they won’t in the future. That is, we have another new maxim for our New Normal: Past non-action predicts future non-action. 

As I replied to my Substack colleague Simulation Commander: “These people aren’t like you and me,” adding, “this is a little disconcerting.”

But what this really is is … scary as hell.

Once upon a time, when someone suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one from a toxic product or egregious misdeeds, people would be screaming bloody murder - which is exactly what is happening on an epic scale today (murder, even if no blood is involved). 

These victims would also be demanding justice and wouldn’t rest until they got it. But not in our “Twilight Zone” New Normal.

This made me think of all the other observations I’ve made over the past 40 months that seem surreal and also scare the daylights out of me. So, as I’m prone to do, I made a list: 

Things that Scare the Hell out of Me in our New Normal:

Family members who don’t care if a loved one died or was injured by a “vaccine.”

Big Pharma corporations that are making tens of billions of dollars on products that are killing and harming their customers … and people are perfectly fine with this.

All the people in healthcare professions (hundreds of thousands, millions?) who must know these “vaccines” are killing and injuring people and haven’t said one word … and keep recommending these products.

All the journalists, editors and publishers who must know these “vaccines” are dangerous … and none of them will publish stories saying this.

All the public officials and science experts who must know or suspect the same things … and they won’t say anything or demand any investigations that might “confirm” this is happening.

The groupthink in every corporation and major organization that precludes even one “leader” from publicly questioning the “authorized narrative.”

The Censorship Industrial Complex scares me

The fact I can’t say what I want to say on many social media platforms, even though my posts are true or at least possibly true.

When I do make a “contrarian” post, the fact these almost always get “zero likes,” telling me probably none of my “followers” are seeing these posts.

Or the fact some people might see my posts but are simply afraid to hit the “like” button out of fear they might be targeted as a dissident, extremist or “science denier.”

The fact so many people are eager to rat out neighbors who don’t comply with official guidance or who don’t agree with the opinions of alleged experts and authorities.

The fact so many people and celebrities made fun of contrarians who were right about Covid topics.

The fact nobody in the White House press corps is willing to say “Joe Biden” has obvious (and worsening) dementia.

The fact so many elected officials and virtually all of the national press actually believe that “Russia” could “steal” a presidential election by hiring 20 trolls who made anti-Hillary posts (that nobody saw) on Facebook.

Or if they don’t believe this, the fact they kept repeating these preposterous assertions because they were trying to create a false narrative for ideological reasons.

… And the terrifying realization the majority of the country must believe all this BS.


The fact so many people think that banning gas stoves or requiring expensive new light bulbs will lower the future average global temperature and result in fewer hurricanes, tornadoes and forrest fires … And keep Miami Beach from being underwater 20 years from now.

I’ve just read hundreds of stories about past flu seasons - each with terrible outbreaks of flu - and every one one of these stories had some version of these sentences: “It’s not too late to get your flu shot. Flu shots prevent flu … or, if they don’t, you won’t get as sick if you get one.”

It scares the heck out of me that so many people still believe this and still get their flu shots every year.

It scares me that parents and their children are still willing to incur massive debt so they can be educated by dunces with communist and/or woke agendas at American colleges. 

It’s scary that people who are right are almost always ignored … while people who are regularly and spectacularly wrong have the highest-paying jobs and hold the most influential and prestigious positions of leadership in society.

Nobody who matters is doing anything to get Julian Assange out of his gulag … and all Julian Assange did was report important truths … like our government lies and it will never stop trying to achieve even more control.

Economics and inflation trends/lies scare me 

Many people in the economic press apparently think annual inflation is only 4 percent, even though when they go to the grocery store or pay an insurance premium, they must know that prices are going up by 4 percent every week.

A Nestles Crunch candy bar at my local convenience store is $2.69.

When my late father was a child, he could buy a ticket to see the latest John Wayne movie, a bag of popcorn, a Coke and a candy bar for probably 35 cents.

But at least my father could go see a movie in Troy, Alabama. Our town’s movie theater closed because of Covid mitigation measures and Troy residents now have to drive to Montgomery to see a movie.

The gas to get us 50 miles to Montgomery costs $3.25/gallon - which is $1.22 less than what you’d get if you sold a pre-1964 silver quarter ($4.47). So you could buy 1.3 gallons of gas for a (silver) quarter if our elected leaders hadn’t gone “all-in” on the fiat dollar and their magic printing press.

In a couple of years, we probably won’t be able to buy anything with a quarter or a dollar bill because central bank digital currency will be all that’s accepted by merchants. 

I don’t know how I’m going to pay the kid who rakes my leaves because he’s probably not going to have a digital checking account. I guess I can ask him if he’d mind doing this job for free.

All of the above scares the Hades out of me … but I guess by the time cash is outlawed nothing will scare me. 

If Big Brother says do something (or don’t do something), I’m just going to nod numbly and thank him for protecting me.

In the future, fear will not exist. Our all-knowing rulers will have exorcised all possible threats. Nothing will scare the heck out of anyone.

So hurry up and get here, Brave New World.’

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Trends that Scare the Heck out of Me
I just made a post at Alex Berenson’s site about the apparent heart attack LeBron James’ son suffered while playing basketball at USC. Readers were discussing whether LeBron might use his celebrity stature to finally raise awareness about vaccine injuries and deaths. We all seemed…
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