Biochemist Dr. Katalin Karikó who Robert Malone said he mentored, said Malone is a fraud basically & he never mentored her & it is Malone, Karikó said, who has been overstating his accomplishments

by Paul Alexander

What do you think? I don't know what but what troubled me is when Malone seemingly threatened Dr. Karikó telling her "This is not going to end well”; why would he threaten this female scientist?

Firstly, let us at least agree, the last three years has been a nightmare and a complete failure. The lockdown lunacy hurt us badly and killed many, along with the majority of deaths of our loved ones due to the terrible medical system management of them. They killed our parents and grand parents with isolation, toxic sedation, midazolam, Remdesivir, and Ventilator using a fraud PCR manufactured ‘bad’ flu disguised as a pandemic. In short, the government technocrats and bureaucrats like Francis Collins and Fauci and scarf lady Birx and Azar et al. along with the COVID Task Force (save Giroir and at times Redfield) had no f__king clue what they were doing. It was a daily clown car show on the Task Force podium and POTUS Trump was at the mercy of these nincompoops and dolts and pure illogical, irrational, unscientific, academically sloppy, and intellectually lazy, specious idiots. So by this time, we need some answers and our focus is the fraud mRNA technology gene injection. Has to be, for it is a ‘slow kill’ bioweapon, behaves like one, and is one.

Secondly, Malone may sue or threaten to sue me for raising these troubling questions, but he should go ahead. Lets get it on.

Just note, I am studying his role in the deadly kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir that has killed so many. Some doctors and scientists have brought disturbing drug details to me and asked me to comment on Malone’s role in it. I am studying it up now.

My view is we need to talk, have more conversations, share more. Defeat lies with more information. Not locked down in fear and censorship.

To the point at hand:

Is Malone a fraud? Is Karikó right? What exactly does she mean? She IMO knows him better than anyone as worked with him it seems. I have heard that he is ‘controlled opposition’ all the way to being a ‘fraud’. I do not know, do you? I want to know. I think we need to know. Is that too much to ask?

Are we allowed to ask questions?

I am focused on this Atlantic reporting. Firstly, Malone has gone on a law suit rampage suing everyone short of Jesus Christ. Once you ask him a question and he cannot properly address, he sues you. And then he attacks you on Twitter etc. I would caution him for we retain screen shots.


Malone has sought to bully me and I have seen others (case in point Dr. Katalin Karikó) and caused serious death threats to me, my family in the past by his Twitter rants. He operated a media jihad on my name and I was shocked at what he was doing when it was brought to my attention. I did not even know what he was putting on Twitter. Yet it made sense then for I had just defended Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch who Malone was attacking in the public space and also the Breggins. So now I became an additional enemy of his because I came to the defense of good people who he was wrongfully slandering in the public space.

We even had to make an official police report about his Twitter activity. He is very willing to slander and smear and attack people in the public space & he has to stop. He has damaged people especially the Breggins. I personally heard him, Malone, at a Senate meeting in Washington D.C. verbally ridiculing and smearing the Breggins to other scientists present. They were not there to defend themselves as he bragged about his law suit of 25 million $ against Dr. Peter Breggin and what he was doing against them. We run in similar circles. I was surprised he would do that in the Senate building (we were called there by Senator Johnson to discuss COVID and issues) and he was talking about his law suit on Breggins as if it were a joke and a game, a sport, with listeners standing around enjoying a laugh. He poisoned the well, so to speak. He was trying to get the listeners to agree with him, yet they had no idea about the minutia. He was bragging and it repulsed me. A joke on Dr. Breggin who has done more for America and this movement than Malone could ever do? Than most in the Freedom movement. Breggin has done more than most. None of them have done what Breggins have done. So it is no surprise when I read this piece in The Atlantic about the experiences of Dr. Katalin Karikó. I thank her for her bravery.

Why would he threaten a female scientist who just prior he tried to say he mentored? Why would she intimate that he is a fraud and not as he describes himself to be? About what? A fraud about mRNA technology? He said he invented it. Is she lying? Why would she? Why would the media who follow Malone like EPOCH and HighWire not interview him about this (Dr. Katalin Karikó) and the hard questions about mRNA they have thus far failed to ask him? They have failed. These are good outfits and I know them personally. Yet for some reason Malone who must be properly questioned, seems to get a pass by the very media who came to the Freedom movement to get access. Why? I am hoping this is just an issue of timing and they do their jobs to re-assert their credibility. I like these people and respect them but this is not a friendship game, this is war, this is about saving lives. I would be more than happy to help them question Malone if they are not up to it. In any forum or they can get others to do it too. Hands off for me and for them, too conflicted now.

The entire Freedom movement is incestuous now. A money making scheme now, camera people are now COVID experts, donors demanding who to censor, ‘favourites’ getting outfits to censor ‘uncool’ hard questioning Freedom fighters, its a large social gathering now, all the while using the hard earned money of regular mom and pop people to enrich themselves, buy new clothes, travel all over, stay in hotels using donor money, eat large nice expensive meals, enjoy themselves. Hell, it’s a nice party now. And they cannot get off this dole for its free money from people who give from the heart, not realizing they get zero in return. It’s not just governments and health officials who have devastated the people, it’s the various groups, acting like the Nigerian phone scammer taking granny’s pension money…that is the Freedom movement now. Self enrichment with your donated money. I call it as it is and I urge them to clean up their act today else I am going to start naming names. I may even **wink & nod** share a name or two, an e-mail or two, a discussion or two, of who has moved and did try to censor good old me because I am asking the hard questions. Because I am ruffling feathers inside the Freedom Movement. Imagine that. I am a straight up dude, and yes, hated for that. I am only asking you to clean up your putrid games and give the people who give you their money something for it, stop preying on their generosity. Stop censoring people. Stop hiding ‘inside’ the Freedom Movement.

I and others have serious societal questions we want asked and IMO, Malone should be in the congress daily explaining mRNA and all he could on how to stop its devastating effects to help save lives. Under oath. With everyone else linked to this vaccine. As much as we stood on stages together and belong to groups together, I want the truth. No one is seeking it so I still want it and Malone must be question properly. No typed up response.

He was silent on the CDC lie that the vaccine and its content e.g. mRNA, LNP, spike etc. stayed in the injection site, or that it dissolved rapidly, or about it being reverse transcribed etc. Many people would be alive today had they heard from someone like him, the truth about the mRNA technology and vaccine. Dr. Bridle deserves a medal for it is he who warned us and brought the Japanese data to us (and all else pimped off of it and oh yes, raised money off of it), not Malone who knew. Must have. Dr. Breggin’s letter recently was potent for no matter how Malone tries to hand wave it away, he failed to say the right things and properly warn the public about the catastrophic effects of mRNA etc. (from January 2020 para or thereabouts) that he said he invented. It is not just the LNP toxic fatty ball transporter of the payload, but the actual mRNA payload that is a huge harmful disaster.

My reading of this scientist Dr. Katalin Karikó suggests she is upstanding and very qualified. She said she did not know him while he made it as if she did. Why? What did he mean it will not end well? For her? What was he or is he going to do to her?

What did Robert Malone mean after the media accredited biochemist Katalin Karikó as being an mRNA-vaccine pioneer when he told her in e-mail exchanges “This is not going to end well,”; meaning what?

What did he mean? Karikó responded; while Malone tells everyone that he is her mentor, she said he is NOT & she said "It’s Malone, who has been overstating his accomplishments."

Did Malone threaten the safety of Dr. Katalin Karikó? I read it as a threat. He needs to explain this threat or statement. Would you feel threatened if someone who was in angry conflict with you warned you in writing, “This is not going to end well”?

He needs to chose a podcast or forum to his liking, and answer the questions I pose above. He can get anyone of his choosing to pose them to him. I do not need pose them. There are many people with questions so questions will not be in short supply. He can operate the questioning how he likes but questioned he must be. But he has to answer them and he has to begin addressing very serious questions about his role in mRNA technology, how it works and how to mitigate the harms it has caused. Simply, how to turn off it’s harmful effects, especially for our police and military. Our nurses. Our teens, our pilots. All of us. He said he invented it so he must know how to address it.

Karikó: There are “hundreds of scientists who contributed more to mRNA vaccines than he did.” He is not the inventor.


One target of Malone’s ire, the biochemist Katalin Karikó, has been featured in multiple news stories as an mRNA-vaccine pioneer. CNN called her work “the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine” while a New York Times headline said she had “helped shield the world from the coronavirus.” None of those stories mentioned Malone. “I’ve been written out of the history,” he has said. “It’s all about Kati.” Karikó shared with me an email that Malone sent her in June, accusing her of feeding reporters bogus information and inflating her own accomplishments. “This is not going to end well,” Malone’s message says.

Karikó replied that she hadn’t told anyone that she is the inventor of mRNA vaccines and that “many many scientists” contributed to their success. “I have never claimed more than discovering a way to make RNA less inflammatory,” she wrote to him. She told me that Malone referred to himself in an email as her “mentor” and “coach,” though she says they’ve met in person only once, in 1997, when he invited her to give a talk. It’s Malone, according to Karikó, who has been overstating his accomplishments. There are “hundreds of scientists who contributed more to mRNA vaccines than he did.”

This is The Atlantic story here:

I think it is a fair question to ask, why this animosity by Malone against this female scientist? What did he mean by it will not end well for her? He is a public figure and places many things in the public, the Atlantic wrote about this exchange and so I ask Malone to explain this please in the public. Chose a forum and anyone to pose the questions. Not in writing, but to explain this to the public. Does he still feel the same towards Dr. Karikó today? I think it will be useful for the public to get an update and I am trying to reach Dr. Karikó to interview her as an investigative journalist.