Black Lives Matters (BLM) is a fraud, a scam, IMO, this is correct; young men, black or white, get excited when you talk to them about responsibility & no rights go without responsibility

by Paul Alexander

Give Tatum an award please, huge praise to him, can the brother get an amen?

BLM fraud

What Tatum says here resonates with me, I think he is onto something here. BLM is doing nothing for the vulnerable young black male, nothing. Enriching itself. The coloured community, black, brown, is magical. Capable, special, beautiful, unique. 1865 to 1965 American blacks were outpacing whites on every socio-economic indicator. The Democrat POTUS Lyndon Johnson ‘Great Society’ destroyed the black community and it is time they got off the democratic plantation of dependency once and for all. Shed ties with the congressional black caucus, shed ties with BLM, shed ties with Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al. who are all race baiters and hustlers and pimping you for money. Fifty to 60 years on your tail and have done NOTHING for you but enriched themselves.

Doing all they could to keep you in the hood and pulling you back down, right? Truth is while you may not like orange man, he did more for blacks and browns than 10 prior POTUSes and more than a black POTUS did who had 8 years on tap. Did nothing for them but pimp them.

Trump in one year did more for blacks and the numbers prove it out. One year, his third on deck for the first 2 were destroyed by McConnell and Paul ‘Eunuch’ Ryan and the last was mired in the COVID clown car show. Judge Trump always on one year and then you get to understand how potent he was. Obama had 8 years and did squat for blacks.

Life is difficult, a struggle and you have to be prepared to face it and thrive, so you cannot afford to be weak, you must be strong, potent, powerful, yet civil…weak is very different to being powerful, you do not want to be weak. You have to insist that our males, our boys, our young males, white and black and brown and all, can take their place in the world. You must insist in responsibility in our males, insist. Demand they step up. Black men need to stand up and raise your sons as the man you are, with strength and love and civility and as the potent force they are capable of. Do not give up on them, EVER.

They NEED you, they need direction, they need to be GOD fearing, they need your presence, and need to learn how to behave from you. How to treat the woman with respect and courage and give protection. Come on black male, father your children, be the father they need. Stand by your Queen.

If you do not, the jail will become their homes, the judge and jailor their mother, and the streets their father. What they cannot get from you, they will get it from the streets. When you see them breaking windows and acting bad, it is often anger at you the father, anger. They actually want the police to at times to come down hard on them. They beg discipline. However they can get it.

I have black heritage from the islands.