Black man Caught on Video Beating Elderly White Nursing Home Patients ARRESTED After Hero Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch Alerts Authorities; the question is why? why would this person do this?

by Paul Alexander

To a helpless old man? And now we have word a 2nd video he filmed beating an elderly old woman in the home. Why?

You may have seen but it is the reason why we refuse to put family in nursing homes. This is real. In the US, Canada, everywhere. Many good people work there, I know many, but this is real. How do we explain this? Was this a racist attack? This raises serious issues on face look. If a white nurse beat a black patient this way I would be equally angered and want him punished never seeing daylight again. Prison for life. Why have we denigrated the life of our elderly this way, the very most precious among us who gave their years and paid dues. This is horrible. Why are our elderly not being protected. This is real. I saw it with my own grand mother in the islands. I was horrified. Nursing homes can be the best place for our elderly when in need of managed type care etc. but can be horrendous too. This is real and one of the many societal ills we face that we sweep under the rug.