‘Blacks for Trump’ Gather Outside Federal Courthouse to Support Trump; 45, POTUS Trump will be re-elected but this time we will work with him to ensure he uses all powers to jail every single COVID

by Paul Alexander

killer from CDC, FDA, medical doctors...all of them, all who conspired against him and all like now in NY and Miami, who abuse his rights & have perpetrated crimes against him in their witch hunt




“Blacks for Trump” supporters gathered outside the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. U.S. Courthouse in Miami, Florida, to support former President Donald Trump at the first federal arraignment of a former U.S. president on Tuesday.

Most of the group were wearing shirts that read, “Trumpsters are not racist.”

There were reportedly 20 men in the “Blacks for Trump” group gathered outside the courthouse to support Donald Trump. The group’s founder, Maurice Symonette, spoke about how the “RINO Republicans” and “Democrat confederate rebel bastards” are the individuals targeting and prosecuting the former president.’