BLAZE media: 'LGBT activist threatens anyone who would try to keep him out of women's bathrooms or protect their kids: 'It will be the last mistake you ever make'

by Paul Alexander

'An LGBT activist recently took to Tiktok to threaten anyone who would bar him or other male transvestites from entering women's washrooms, daring concerned parents to try to protect their children.'

‘Reduxx reported that White, who calls himself "Tara" and identifies as "Poly Trans Lesbian," is a "baby fetishist" into "ageplay" and "diapers." He indicated on his Twitter account that he is into various other deviant behaviors including "bloodletting."

In a now-deleted video, White said, "If you back a wild animal into a corner, they are going to become a dangerous animal. So if you want to die on that hill of yours — of righteousness and moral majority — then you go right ahead."''