Bobby Kennedy Jr.: 'RFK Jr. pledges to gut agencies that regulate vaccines and order the DOJ to investigate medical journals if he becomes president'; BOOM! love this Bobby, take them down to studs

by Paul Alexander

Take CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA, NIAID down to the studs, fumigate, raze them to the floor, burn them down literally and figuratively after all staff gone, then reloacte all to Alcatraz; jail many officials!

Call on me, I will ensure we push to get courts and judges to examine each and every COVID fraud lockdown lunatic policy that harmed and killed, all the vaccines, all pharma, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, all people in mRNA technology like Kariko, take her to court, all of them, investigate, try them, let them defend but if courts says they were dangerous and deadly, then jail them all, take their money, and if a judge says place death penalty for any and everyone who did wrong, place it on the table…do not be afraid to if a judge calls for it. Place it on the table.

You go Bobby, if ‘45’ is the nominee, I will be supporting him bigly but if he is not on tap, I will vote for you Bobby. I actually trust you more, liberal you are. I think you are a good human being and you love America.

But ‘45’ is my guy. This rounds.

But I am happy you are running. You are the best democrat. Tulsi as running mate.