Bobby (RFK Jr.) was doing so good & shirtless & all buffed, but here my brother Bobby, whom I admire greatly, great American, your policy train has derailed off the track & you must pull this back &

by Paul Alexander

say "I will shut Southern border as POTUS, militarize border so not one illegal gets in bringing in Fentanyl, narcotics, bomb all Wuhan China Fentanyl precursor labs & jail drug financier politicians"

I think Bobby is unlike present democrats, leftists, this guy is decent (lust demons and all) and smart as a whip & exudes that he loves his country. He is not America hating. I would love to see a Trump Kennedy ticket?

Update from a friend:

Carol Crevier, RN MPH

12 min ago

Was there last night. Breibart has lifted two comments out of context and juxtaposed them in the headlines. Classic.

What they did not say in the headline was: Bobby stated he would approve medicinal psychedelics and would have to think about any other use. (Since the SSRIs have damaged so many ppl, I can’t see this being good for us as a society).

The headline also did not include that the ‘healing center’ idea is modeled after a successful program in Italy which has very large farms in which young ppl can go for tx for addiction.

Some hard work/playing in the dirt seems in order for a lot of our screen addicted, multi addicted friends, children, grandchildren.

It was refreshing to listen to a candidate who refused to be baited into ad hominem attacks, has a deep understanding of the capture of regulatory agencies and stated the details of such, can trace the history of our nation’s foreign policy actions and broken promises and expects of the citizenry--the capability to be able to follow complicated discourse involving sentences which contain more than one independent clause capturing a platitude.’