BOOM! Anthony Boone@trynnagetahouse hit it out of the park responding to Malone's attacks on those trying to fix the problem his mRNA technology created; who threatened, bullied & censored EPOCH?

by Paul Alexander

Malone's instructive NATO tweets; IMO, it's mRNA technology at the heart of the gene injection that is killing people, this is true! Who pressured EPOCH? Can a Super Bowl performer decide the adds?

Every statement here belong to me, and I represent no other view by mine here.

I agree with Anthony Boone as above for it seems to me, and I may be wrong, maybe I do not read this right but it seems that Malone is not only incapable of having discourse with those who disagree with him, but it seems as if he wants to silence others. IMO, I find he wrenches and wretches and heaves about COVID yet is not focused on actively helping people heal, e.g. like Jane Ruby or even Breggins or McCullough or Risch etc.

First, the entire over-cycled PCR manufactured pandemic was a hoax, a fraud. Trump was right but they boxed him in. He went from ‘this is a hoax’ to ‘15 days to slow the spread’ and you would have thought he was insane to go against Fauci et al. who were calling for lockdowns etc. You would have asked for 25th amendment for you too were scared INITIALLY. But he was trapped, a non-doctor scientist amongst some of the most evil, devastating, duplicitous, low life people seeking to harm him, his Presidency, and America. What could he have done? And scarf lady Birx even said once we got him to bite for 15 days, it was over, we were not going to re-open. He just did not understand that.

All of it was a lie, from origin of the virus, timeline, lockdowns, vaccine, all of it. All, 100% of everything to do with the pandemic, was a lie! PCR, asymptomatic spread, all of it. And many players used this to their own devices and one group, used it to topple a sitting POTUS. To impact his re-election. They were successful.

First, to set the table, looking at the second tweet above, how was it taken cared of within the organization’? What did Malone mean? Not getting upset at that point para, means what? What did Malone mean? If they did not take it down, what would he have done? Was that a threat to EPOCH, a veiled tacit threat? Seems so to me. You? I may be wrong. Would he have sued EPOCH? Is suing his only means to deal with issues? Is he using donor money to do all the suing? Or his?

IMO, people are fascinated and infatuated by Malone’s declaration of his financials (note, that’s tax payer money and grant money, your money that expert grant writers live off of) and his affiliations. IMO. It is fascinating. Yet who really cares? I think Catherine-Austin Fitts has oriented the issues quite nicely and is over the target. So has Karen Kingston. So has Rappoport. So has Yeadon.

I think if you are a doctor or scientist and fail to question Malone, your career should be over. Someone reminded me today that even Dr Bhakdi (I admire him greatly) said that, " Any licensed medical person who states that he believed the mRNA shot would remain in the deltoid muscle needs his license taken away." 

Why was Malone silent on this? He knew it would have not stayed there based on the mRNA LNP complex designed to take it far and deep inside the body for its actions. He knew. This is how it works, he even did research in 1989 on this mRNA-liposome transfection complex. Did I get the direction of the study correct?

Yet many took the shots and his silence may have caused harm to people who would have not taken it had they been told it would not stay at the injection site and would then accumulate in the testis, ovaries, spleen, adrenals, liver etc. and heart and be devastating. Have you thought of it that way? I have. It bothers me and I want him to explain this. He knew it would be reversed transcribed back to DNA. This is his technology as he said. This is mRNA, it had to be. He remained silent. Why? He knew of the harms yet did not properly warn the public until way deep into the course of the development and roll out. Why? I want to believe him and trust him, yet I cannot based on all that has occurred. I would reverse and adjust my opinions and views if I get information. I/we have to once we get new information, our positions must evolve if we are engaging in healthy debate. Science evolves, it is not fixed.

I want him to defend what I just said, do not sue if your feelings are hurt, debate someone, properly, tell us so we can understand. Explain what you knew and when you knew it and why you have been silent. Not via some written document you read off of. Or your ‘buddy’ conflicted interviewer. Speak to a proper interviewer who is not conflicted dependent on your shout outs and recommendations and donor money (direct or indirect). He said he took the shot but it boggles the mind, for how could the same person who invented the technology and said in writing (January 2020 Research Gate) that it was harmful, then tell us that his doctor recommended he take it? para. Am I that stupid? Are we? I do not buy that. His private business yet he made it public so it is public game now. I have the right to say if I believe or not. I do not! We have a serious question and things need to make sense and this does not!

I am asking serious questions and saying things based on what the evidence shows and if he can defend, then please defend Malone. I want you to, there are way too many questions. You do not sue people, they are not defaming you, you react by responding and making your case. Healthy debate, even if you do not like the questions. People call me an idiot every day, I get death threats (thanks in part to you Malone) yet I do not sue people. I do not send my doctor and scientist friends out to defend me, no, I deal with it. Look I am writing here as an example. Why would you run off and sue Breggin, Ruby, et al.? Why not debate them, defend your position. Speak it out. Why seek to bankrupt people? Why not refute them, and bring your science and thinking to the table for healthy debate. So what if you think I am a moron, and you dislike me. Who cares? Say it all day long. As long as it is my name on the bills to my home, your view of me does not matter. When your name is there and you pay my bills, then you matter. I won’t sue you. Say it, say I am a fool, say I am stupid, say I cause harm by my views. You can say whatever you wish. Just when I reply technically be able to defend your views for I can be punishing. Same Malone, punish them, bring your smarts to the table. If you are smart, why not debate them scientifically? Debate Stew, debate Breggin, debate Ruby, debate them all. You say ‘you got game’, so BRING it. Don’t sue. Engage in healthy debate. Shout, cuss, flip the desk even, kick up your garbage cans, but engage.

I am asking questions to help save lives. If he made it, mRNA technology, he must have been able to devise a way to shut it’s mechanism of action down. If you made the mRNA technology Dr. Malone, where is the antidote? Why has he not? Why the dog and pony show and no substance? Why is he not questioned? Why has he not gone to congress to tell all? To help fix the damage his mRNA technology did and is doing? He talks as if he is distant from it. Not so, he is key to all of this.

Now onto the substance of this substack, a three part explanation on censoring through my eyes. Here is Part 1 (parts 2 and 3 in subsequent substacks).

We see grifters and grafters profiting on the upside and now on the downside as they run to the hills. That is what a whole load of people holding on to the Freedom Movement are doing and have done. Sucking at the teats of the poor population who give freely and lovingly of their money, hoping for help.

The public should know that at present, there is strong censorship of doctors and scientists within the Freedom Movement by those within the Freedom Movement for their own agendas and it is hurting the Movement, hurting the public. It is a disgrace. Donors are being used to censor. It is incredible. It is money hungry rabid people censoring based on ‘money’. The want of future money. Money my friends, remains at the root of all evil and the Freedom Movement fell victim, as many sought to use the pain and suffering of COVID to profit off of and benefit. Many big names you know of too. Very eye opening and also, leaves the public left confused and at a loss.

The questions is, is EPOCH spooning or is being spooned and thus vulnerable to seeming censorship? Is EPOCH the venerable bastion of top journalistic standards? I thought so. I want to think so. My interviews and work with many journalists there have always left me with fond respectful views of EPOCH. Yet I am asking now for recent actions have shaken my views. I am hoping that what seems to have occurred in terms of censorship must be reversed as opens the question to me, as to how else is EPOCH censoring or being censored. I write this stack based only on my volition. I represent no one here.

I may not be saying it how I wish to and so pardon me. But I hope I get the 50,000 foot correct. The real question is, why would Malone (who was interviewed by EPOCH) object to a product (see tweet below) he was just talking about (and praising) in a video, and which is potentially saving lives as we speak. Malone had just praised NATTOKINASE in a video, yet dogged the very product made with NAOOTKINASE in it. Is Malone bringing out his own NATTOKINASE range of products and so is seeking to damage others? Now that makes some sense. It is a question worth looking into. If so, it becomes clearer. If so. We must investigate the fundaments of this attack on NATTOKINASE by Malone. Yet alarming, by going against a product that he himself just sung the praises of in terms of a core ingredient (NATTOKINASE), are we not now risking lives of our kids and all who could benefit? Who are confused by the flip flopping and ambivalent messages? Did he play a role in cancelling the spike recovery advertisements, and so are people left to be harmed? With no suitable choices? Is the move to cancel all products with NATTOKINASE?

Is this fair? Is this right? I think these are fair questions and it should be investigated.

EPOCH Times engaged in censoring IMO or was censored itself and thus acquiesced to the demand of someone censoring them, bullying them, threatening them, no question and directly or indirectly and they know it, and on behalf of someone. Maybe I am not saying it correctly, maybe using the wrong terms, but something stink and nasty occurred, stinks to high heavens. The issue is, who? The exact person (s) remain unidentified but this happened. Who bullied EPOCH? Who caused them to take down the ads for they would not just like that take it down, since they put it up and were fine with it being played. It is their video after all. Was it one person or a set of people? Is EPOCH that weak? Do you know who did this? Please tell us.

Is the censoring directly linked to that NATTOKINASE video in question? Who threatened EPOCH? We need this answered for what they did was horrible and again, EPOCH censored and yet the veracity of EPOCH to run shows against censoring yet they did same now. The irony. What EPOCH did is what censoring looks like in COVID era. Shame on them! I maintain respect and regard for many tremendous people I have come to know from EPOCH.

My question is, who did not get the ‘testicle give away day’ memo? Who? Seems some people just did not know about the testicle give away day. I know the likes of Trudeau, deballed as he clearly is, did not get the memo, many republicans in the congress did not get the memo for they show a depth of weakness and pusillanimous-ness that defies logic, we know Macron has one ball, also did not get the memo, we know that Trump did not leave the office and went back several times to the testicle store, I know many of you here did get the memo and availed yourself handsomely, including the women and it is clear by your strength in the fight, yet it seems that EPOCH did not get the ‘testicle provision’ memo. That EPOCH is testicular-less and lacks any sort of testicular fortitude. I hope not. Who also in the Freedom Fighter movement did not get the memo? Any doctors? Scientists? And now it apparently is playing out in front of me and I must investigate.

I function here as an investigative journalist. Views are only mine.

This ‘censoring by EPOCH’ matter stinks to high heavens and I as an advocate for EPOCH’s work, want to know what happened here! Read the tweets below and the result is EPOCH took down the spike recovery ads that ran underneath Malone’s discussion on NATTOKINASE. I assume someone paid for these ads. No?

This video and the spike recovery images below are the images in question that were censored. See tweets below to help you understand what took place.

Who forced EPOCH Times to do this? To remove the add. They cannot accuse anyone of censoring now for they have censored, IN YOUR FACE! So someone censored EPOCH and EPOCH in turn, censored another company. Incredible. It boggles my mind.

Let me start with a brief reminder: It is Malone’s mRNA technology (and whomever else is/was involved in developing it) that has killed and is killing people and is a core aspect of the gene injection vaccine, do you not get that? It is the mRNA that codes for the spike protein, the toxic business end of the vaccine scheme, do you not get that? It is Malone’s mRNA technology that they now want to put in our food, and beef etc. Not someone else’s. It is his mRNA technology he said he invented, that is the cause of the sudden deaths, the dying suddenly etc. Do you not get that? Do you not get that he is key to understanding what went wrong with the mRNA technology injections?


I also am at a loss as to why this incessant Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus routing, doctors parading like a circus with Malone yet no one giving any information critical to ending the ravages of the shot? Why do they not question him? Are they afraid of him? Why? It is defying logic to me. A near daily clown car show. No one asking him why he did what he did with mRNA and how to stop it. Yet when a company comes around and does something as the science matures, to at least help ease the suffering due to the spike protein post vaccine (akin to doctors using empiric treatment or even early treatment), he goes on media to bash the product and company and call it into question? Yet they are trying to help fix the death shot (mRNA technology as the basis) that he invented. God the irony of all of this.

The issue is, it could have been any company, and censoring is wrong, no matter who is censored.

Anything I write here is as an observer and represents no one but I, yet I am very interested in what took place here.

You EPOCH should hang your head in shame and your outfit lost lots of luster. You are now in the censoring business on behalf of others. How? We have in the Freedom movement certain people going to donors who donate to outfits like EPOCH and telling them to threaten EPOCH, or they themselves doing it, direct, muscling, threats to pull funding, to get the donors to pull the money or the balance of the donation. I hope you understand how serious what I just wrote is and it is what this Freedom movement is 100% turning on now. You see it now, you just saw it with EPOCH and someone who threatened them. Full censorship on behest of certain persons and interests and maintaining certain lies and personas to keep the gravy train flowing, the ‘free’ donor money flowing, keep them scared and afraid and ‘giving’ to the fake personas. All of this, like the COVID fraud pandemic, now the COVID movement, is fraught with lies, its about your pocket and finding ways to enter it and get you to give them. For nothing! To enrich themselves mainly.

Who else in the Freedom Movement, masqueraded as ‘above board’ are censoring? Hhhmmmm, do you really want me to go there? Should I?

Again, I am writing this out of outrage of what EPOCH did here and hope fast fast fast, they reverse their terrible action. I wrote on behest of no one.

Anthony Boone hit it out of the park below and shows how much damage this Freedom Movement has incurred. I will leave it there.

Read the tweets and the result is EPOCH took down the spike recovery ads. The issue is how and why? Who ‘got’ to them and threatened them and bullied them? What was the threat? Malone said it will be taken cared of. What did he mean? I do not know, do you? Let us not bullshit each other, he clearly stated it would be dealt with. You figure out what that means. The question is, why? Is this akin to what he said to Dr. Kariko? So did he actually and already bully and threaten or begun to? Is this what he meant? I do not know. Can someone help me?

I am at a loss but this stinks to high heavens and EPOCH is in a hot mess. Sticky mess. It is up to EPOCH how they will get out of the censoring business.

I do not think Del Bigtree will let anyone bully him that way. I know Del, he got the memo and maybe went twice for stones. It is time EPOCH asked Del how to deal with threats and intimidation and bullies and harassment. Over to you Del!

I would end by reminding all about the strong science on the potency of NATTOKINASE, while recognizing that the science is still maturing and being clarified but looks very promising:

‘In this study, we examined the effect of nattokinase on the S protein of SARS-CoV-2. When cell lysates transfected with S protein were incubated with nattokinase, the S protein was degraded in a dose- and time-dependent manner. Immunofluorescence analysis showed that S protein on the cell surface was degraded when nattokinase was added to the culture medium. Thus, our findings suggest that nattokinase exhibits potential for the inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 infection via S protein degradation.’

See Malone’s tweets that preceded EPOCH taking down the ads that a company paid to EPOCH to run: