BOOM! Be careful of the ABORTION Trap, republicans: "Republicans still have an opportunity to build a broad and lasting coalition for 2024, built on a powerful, positive pro-freedom and pro-family

by Paul Alexander

PRO-FAMILY message—Florida shows that. But they need to take the time to better understand the would-be members of their coalition, & to try to craft policies that are appealing to all parties. Burns

The Abortion Trap
Prior to last night’s election results, I had been planning on writing an article with the same title, posting a few days after the anticipated ebullience of the election had waned. The main point was a caution to a resurgent Republican party not to make the same mistake Democrats did in 2020, i.e. confusing the election with a mandate for their policie…
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Freedom is the key issue and if I am to be free to buy a gun for my protection, then let me be free to chose what to do with my uterus etc. I am not a woman but writing in that vain for a moment taking tone from Emily (see stack). Trust that I will make the right choice. It is mine to make, not no government official. This is how I look at it and I am pro-life yet will defend choice. But I am sure on the side that no government official or congressperson or senator is to tell me, if I were a woman, what to do with my womb. This really is about ‘freedom’ and if republicans say they are a party of freedom, it must be for every issue. Freedom to own a gun legally under 2nd and freedom to operate my choice on this issue.

Burns: ‘The pro-life position has the moral high ground, I remain pro-choice. There are several reasons for this, but chief among them is that I don’t want government involved in legislating morality. The government destroys almost everything it touches. Why on god’s green earth would we trust it with morality? The second is that humans are fallible. Just ask Herschel Walker. We often fail to live up to our values.’

Emily Burns indeed does a masterful job weaving the language for this remains a difficult topic. Vastly complex and emotionality on both sides. Yes, we have to move people away from ‘single issue voting’, IMO, and get them to trust. When republicans say they won’t mess with the womb, women do not believe them after lockdowns and the devastation on freedoms during the last 3 years etc.

Republicans (yes, it was a republican POTUS and yes, Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins did this to him yet he allowed it and note I have nothing disparaging to say about Trump, nothing, I supported him and still do but 2 of the gravest mistakes ever made came in his presidency, this being lockdowns and this fraud vaccine) helped partake in devastating the nation and people, devastated women who were least able, could least afford shielding, and lost jobs, confined with non-sensical unscientific policies of lockdowns. They today DO NOT trust. Unmarried women do not trust. Women died due to the virus and due to the lockdowns, the latter doing way more damage.



‘After this cycle, my vote will always be for the party that represents the most decentralized power structure, and the greatest respect for individual rights and responsibility. For me, the new f-word is “federal”.’ Burns.

What is the fact? he fact is that:

‘A majority of women and men do believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases.’

As even Burns would agree and say, that not one of the issues discussed are meant to be entirely prescriptive, cohesive, comprehensive, or even correct. They can even be wrong, but we are trying to grapple with a difficult issue and we must be willing, open, transparent, and honest. We must be flexible too.