BOOM! Bill Maher busting the left: “Big story, and I wonder how much it’s going to get covered in the liberal media, because it’s about natural immunity. They did a giant study, 65 countries & found

by Paul Alexander

Natural immunity is as good or better than the vaccine.” Yes, Maher is ahead of the curve, as was my seminal paper on natural immunity in Brownstone, near 170 pieces of evidence

It is incredible that we had to tell doctors, scientists, real practicing doctors, idiots they are, inept dolts that a vaccine can never ever supersede natural exposure immunity, a vaccine is to mirror as best it can the acquired adaptive immunity. How stupid were our doctors and the media. A vaccine is in some sense a form of natural immunity that confers protection long term. It took the Canadian and US trucker to tell them this and teach these morons this. And to stand up to tyranny.