BOOM BOOM! DeSantis Announces Florida Grand Jury Investigation to Hold Vaccine Manufacturers Accountable; grand jury will investigate the potentially dangerous & deadly side effects the mRNA injection

by Paul Alexander

Ladapo and DeSantis strikes again, at the jugular! And you woke-ists out there, you putrid fecal media, you know I mean jugular strike figuratively, but anything to give you the vapors & derangement

You media, you know I despise and loathe and hate you as much as you hate me, when you decide to hug me with kisses, I will hug with kisses, until then, you remain a putrid fecal bottom-dweller bunch.

Ladapo flying in heavy and over the target now, striking deep and heavy into enemy territory. Can they take him? I hope Ron knows all these people respond to is carpet bombing, cluster bombing, no games! Strike deep at the heart.

You woke-ists, you basement dwelling croc and flannel wearing navel gazing imbeciles out there, figurative. he he he

But I mean hang them high, let none escape, if the grand jury and any legal inquiry finds that vaccine makers and their CEOs Bourla and Bancel etc. caused lives to be lost, hang them high! Only after proper legal inquiries and a judge proclaims judgement and if it rises to the death penalty, then hang them all high! All who caused lives to be lost in the pandemic response, and I mean medical doctors too. I mean anything and anyone who caused loss of life and profited.

Yes, hang them high! Publicly!


‘TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the State of Florida is impaneling a grand jury to review evidence to hold COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers accountable under Florida law.

“Today, I’m announcing a petition with the Supreme Court of Florida to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to the COVID-19 vaccines. We anticipate that we will get approval for that,” Governor DeSantis stated at a roundtable conference with medical professionals and vaccine injured citizens.

Speaking alongside Florida’s Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the governor said the grand jury will investigate the potentially dangerous and deadly side effects of the mRNA injections to hold the manufacturers accountable.’