BOOM, Cornel West over the target, this leftist academic, someone I respect 'at times' when he is lucid, now is one! "‘Beyond Redemption:’ Cornel West Says the Democrat Party is Unable to Meet the

by Paul Alexander

Needs of the Poor'"; Democrat party has historical link to slāvery and rācism. Time to tear it down and start over. To start. Just look at what they did with vaccine, they killed thousands of blacks!

Third party presidential candidate Cornel West claims that  the Democrat party is “beyond redemption,” accusing the party of being unable to “speak to the needs of poor and working people.”

The explosive commentary from West during an interview with the Hill TV’s Rising comes after Bernie Sanders endorsed President Joe Biden for a second term at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics. According to Sanders, President Biden is America’s only hope for preserving democracy against the Republican party’s front-runner, former President Donald Trump.’

“They are dominated by the corporate wing, they’re dominated by the militarists when it comes to foreign policy, and that [Sanders] and AOC and the others are going to be, in a certain sense, window dressing at worst, and at best, people to appeal to every four years,” West said. “But the Democratic Party is beyond redemption at this point, when it comes to seriously speaking to the needs of poor and working people.”