BOOM! FAKE vaccine cards for doctors? What? In Texas? Houston Methodist Hospital offered fake cards to doctors who refused the vaccine so that they would not lay them off? Dr. Julapalli busting open

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Julapalli says his colleague claimed that a high-ranking official at Methodist offered her the opportunity to fake getting the vaccine. 'She told us fake vaccine cards would be done internally'

Dr. Venu Julapalli full disclosure is a personal friend of mines who came forward one year ago with his brother and we have been dealing with Senator Johnson for protection before the involved doctors could speak, out of fear of loss of career and personal safety. Senator Johnson has been very embracing and receptive. He has shocking information on how doctors were offered fake vaccine cards in lieu of being laid off, in Texas, and not one hospital.

In my understanding, this is widespread across America.

My own internal investigations and discussions indicate that this is widespread across the United States and Canada and UK, that many doctors especially hospital physicians and many politicians, MPs, MPPs, ministers, senators etc. have faked the COVID gene injection, took none, them and their immediate families, as they were onto that the gene injection was not properly developed and dangerous. I have it on good authority anonymously and very very confidentially, that Pfizer and Moderna told many high level society people not to take the COVID injection, particularly their own mRNA gene platforms. This was the understanding among many elite ‘richer’ persons in US and Canada who were clued in, and many doctors told particular patients not to take it and did not give it and gave fraud shots with fake cards.

Do not think that Dr. Julapalli is on his own here, this is well known and widespread. It is the poorer, the middle class ‘idiots’ as Pfizer and Moderna and Fauci and Francis Collins considered them to be, the gullible ones, the ones threatened with no jobs, no income, who got he shots, believing! Trusting.

This was widespread and still is in America and Canada.

I told you day one this was all a fraud. The dam is breaking and huge praise for Dr. Venu Julapalli (and his brother) who risk careers, income, and their very lives. I just said it, he is taking risks we take daily, McCullough, I, Kory, Oskoui etc., and he is risking his very safety and his family’s.

‘Dr. Venu Julapalli: My name is Dr. Venu Julapalli. I was on staff at Houston Methodist, The Woodlands, and got suspended and ultimately terminated due to the vaccine mandate.

Sharyl: You did not want to get vaccinated?


Dr. Julapalli says his colleague claimed that a high-ranking official at Methodist offered her the opportunity to fake getting the vaccine.

Julapalli: She told us that it would be done internally, and she told us that when she asked him, "Has this been offered to anyone else?" he said, "I can neither confirm nor deny that.”

Methodist declined to answer when we asked whether any employees were offered an opportunity to pretend to be vaccinated.’