BOOM! Haymaker! Right hand straight to throat take down by Alex Jones, BOOM, unrecoverable take down; "you mean, like what Epstein did with the Clintons" got to give this man props! BOOM!!!!!!!

by Paul Alexander

Oh my goodness, that right hand is ridiculous, oh my goodness! I am into our Constitutional right of free speech etc. protected speech, so does Jones, he has same may not like content!

That right hand is ridiculous! You go Alex!

MASSIVE right hand, unrecoverable by the lawyer! BOOM! Haymaker all the way! It is not about what he said, it is his right to say it. You may not like him or content, but he has the same rights as you and it is very very dangerous now when we go criminalizing free speech, no matter how much you do not like him! No matter if he offended you, you cannot criminalize free speech this way as it will haunt us! You may hate Alex Jones and agree with nothing he says or said, but he has that right, offensive as he could be etc. Even if what he says hurts your feelings of sensibilities.

Yes, we will take down all these pedophiles, all these government officials, the congresspersons, senators who go after our children in pedophilia…when you are looking for pedophiles, do not only look at priests, no no no, and I ask, please, look at all religions, not just the Christians, but the key is to focus on ministers in the British West Minister System of governments, you know, the Common wealth nations, MPs, MPPs, senators, congresspersons, Presidents, Prime Ministers, check doctors too, and lawyers, and you shall find…look, you shall find! Let us find these evil beasts and burn them at the stake!

We burning and burning, let us build a fire, a large one and start burning them…hey look, let us start with Bill C, and yes, Father xxxx and Father xxx, and yes, look that Archbishop from xxxxx, and Pope xxxx added to the fire too? Pope xxxxx? And hey look, it’s congressman xxxxx and that other congressman, we burning them too, and senators xxxxx and xxxxx from xxxxx, and hey, I see they just toss in two ministers xxxx and xxxxx from xxxxx, and minister xxxx from xxxxx and the famous one from xxxxx, and look, that one from the Prime Minister’s office in xxxxx, and what is that I see? Dr. what? No, can’t be….is he not that famous pediatrician in xxxxxx? but yes, looks like him yes, I can’t believe he would be molesting little boys! I see two congresswomen coming to the pit? Am I right? Chancellor xxxx of that Ontario University too? No way! And what? That major philanthropic giver? But he is all over the news! I cannot believe this! And CEOs of those two major US hospitals and what is that I see? That big boy from that major vaccine maker you say? Switzerland? Or is that the one from xxxxx? No, you must be mistaken. Can’t see his face clearly. You kidding me right with those three senior television news anchors from xxxxxx? No, say it ain’t so! Oh Lord, this is too much for me! All these high societies fondling little children and molesting them? Yes, bring them, now, we piling them high and burning them all! Bring them all, we burning pedophiles!

Yes, you may avert your gaze but it is indeed our ministers and congresspeople and senators and Prime Ministers and elites and ‘rich people’ in those private jets who are fondling little children and grooming them and engaging in pedophilia, major players.

One more thing, they are playing for KINGS, best be careful you folk, if our KING is touched, you best be prepared to give up yours, under oath, courtroom! So be careful! Your KINGS have more filth in the bag, so be careful! Power changes hands at some point!

BTW, why can’t we see the names in the black book? Why sentence Maxwell and not show us the book? Who is in the book? Aaaaahhhhh, big fish are in the book, that is why the book is not talked about anymore…as if it did not exist…ssshhhhhhh