BOOM! it's over, mRNA vax DOA; "Covid shots for young kids arrived in June. Few have received them."; I warn parents AGAIN, these COVID shots WILL kill healthy children; under ZERO condition give them

by Paul Alexander

Children have statistical zero risk of severe illness, no healthy American child died from COVID infection 2.5 years now, stand your ground parents! this is the hill you defend! tell Fauci SHOVE it!

Thank you American parents for being so critical in your thinking and standing up. You are thinking it through as you should. Your children will thank you in time for this decision and you are the vanguards.

If a parent give these shots and their healthy child dies, you must gather them up, and go to Washington DC to the capital, peacefully, and ask to see Pelosi and Clyburn and Kamala and Biden, ask, ask to see Schumer etc. Ask to see Fauci and Walensky with your child and ask them: “ok, Dr. Walensky, I followed what you said and the mandates and the madness and gave the shot but look here, my child, she was 8, she died, my son here, Johnny, he was 4, he died right after the shot, what do I do now Dr. Fauci? What do I do now Dr. Walensky? Please tell me what to do.” Do not leave until you see them.

The fact is that no healthy Swedish or German child or American child who has gotten COVID infection died from it. This is the data! Global. You are being misled, your healthy child does not need these gene injections.

‘Peter Hotez, an infectious-disease physician and pediatrician at the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, said he’d hoped vaccination rates would improve as the months went by, but they remain stagnant.’

Just admit it Pete, it’s over for the COVID gene fraud injection. Over. Caput. People have figured out the scam and not risking their kids, save the nutballs like you in DC. Parents look around and see even in themselves as adults, this shot does not sterilize the virus, does not stop infection, or transmission. So why the hell give their child? Parents will consider this if their child is at risk in the first place and if the shot is shown to confer meaningful benefit. Till then, shove it CDC and NIH and FDA and Fauci and Njoo and Tam, shove it up!


This nutball Hotez has been wrong on everything COVID. Just chuckle at each thing he says. The reason is parents understand the risk benefit tradeoff and that this shot is harmful, confers no benefit and children at near zero risk. How difficult is that to grasp?

‘In June, when the Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of coronavirus vaccines for children younger than 5, physicians expected apprehension among parents — after all, 4 in 10 parents with young children said they would definitely not get their youngsters vaccinated, according to a July Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

But doctors and public health experts never expected there would be this little interest in vaccines for young children.

Even in places with strong pro-vaccine sentiments, few young children have received shots, including in the District, which has the highest percentage vaccinated. In D.C., barely 21 percent of children 6 months to 4 years old have received one shot, and just 7.5 percent have received both doses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.’