BOOM! MIGA, Make Italy great again! Meloni, showing the pusillanimous poissy hat men of Italy & Europe, how its done! Reminding Norse-Viking blood to reemerge "Italy Closes Ports to migrant" FREE Book

by Paul Alexander

Forza Meloni! Italy Closes Ports to Migrant Ships in Defiance of the Globalist European Union; Meloni is saving Italy & showing Europe how to save itself from the North African & jihadist middle east

Where are the big stones women now? For the men have failed! Where is that Norse Viking blood, that killer in you to protect your peoples and girls? Where? You like pushing baby strollers now? Midday in Europe in your crocs? That makes you a man? Sipping café lattes as your women are raped and killed?

So we need you women now, more than ever! Let the men, oh I mean boys sip their coffee, we need you to come clean up the shit due to Merkel and Obamas et al. Come women, come handle business now and show the little boys how its is done!

Italy’s Meloni now went and did what? Is she really backing up all that sugar from the campaign trail? Even Joe is stunned!

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Start my view on Meloni’s step:

I do not refer to good people, I have blood from there. That shit runs deep in my veins! There is good, as is good among the killers coming in from the Southern borders. I refer to the untermensche animal among the good, the 9th century neanderthal dog, with 9th century thinking and behavior, that Europe let in, and Obama did same with Tashfeen et al., to subvert our peoples and rape and murder our women, our daughters. These animals, these demons that particularly like the blond girls and blue eyed ones. Have Swede girls dying their hair black. Sweden and these Nordic nations became the rape capitals of the world, thanks to the criminal Merkel.

Meloni knows the stakes. The European men are deballed and eunuchs like Paul Ryan ex Speaker who ravaged Trump’s first 2 years. We need women like Meloni (Kari Lake, Noem, Boebert, Green etc.) now to wake things up and show women and men how its done to put out the funeral pyres you morons lit for yourselves. It is an invasion and overthrow by breeding you out. They come to rape and kill you. You know I am not like the others. I call it ‘as is’.

Big stones women! I love it! Can back up the sugar!


New Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni pledged during her campaign to safeguard Italy and stop ships harboring illegal aliens from Africa. Fortunately for Italians, this lady’s not for turning unlike most of her European counterparts.

Italy has been ravaged by illegal crossings this year thanks to their previous government caring more about the European Union’s feelings rather than protecting the ports. Over 77,000 illegals have arrived in Italy this year and Italian citizens have paid the price for this cowardice. Data released by the Italian statistics agency showed that almost half of all violent sex crimes in Italy are committed by foreign nationals. Back in August, police arrested an illegal alien from Guinea for raping a middle-aged Ukrainian female refugee in broad daylight. Meloni highlighted this heinous crime as part of her campaign to secure Italy’s borders.’

Meloni’s government so far has refused safe port to four ships in the Mediterranean Sea carrying over 1,000 illegal African migrants combined. This marks a return to the policy under former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from 2018-2019, which saw illegal immigration into Italy plummet by 96% in two years. Migrant deaths at sea also went down because of the border controls, proving that secure borders save lives.’