BOOM, Novak Djokovic wins Australian Open & will go on to be the greatest who ever played; he defended his natural immunity & told them shove your COVID gene shot, he WON! He has lived to gloat!

by Paul Alexander

Huge praise for him & shame on the CDC & US government for continuing this absurd non-sensical illogical unscientific farce; he does not need no vaccine to enter the US, the vaccine is failed, deadly

First, look at the challenges pilots are now facing? Look at the silent move by FAA to lift the threshold for PR interval of 200 ms to 300 ms. Why? This is a very dangerous signal.

Novak was correct then and still correct now. Yes, shove your COVID gene injection up your corrupted criminal arses at CDC and FDA and NIH and Pfizer. Shove it! Novak understood the science well, that the shot carried too much risk of myocarditis, clots, bleeding, paralysis, neurological damage, sudden death and simply unacceptable risk.

Roger Federer had and has remarkable finesse and style and statesmanship etc. and a joy to watch but Novak is my guy to be the greatest. He deserves it!

I would have loved to see Sampras at his prime play Novak.

‘Speaking exclusively to the BBC, he said missing competitions, such as the French Open, over his jab status was "the price that I'm willing to pay".’