BOOM, Rand Paul delivers a MOAB, over the target, striking deep into enemy territory! Love it; criminal referral to Justice "Rand Paul says Dr. Fauci caught 'red-handed' for lying to Congress: 'Nobody

by Paul Alexander

'Nobody has lifted a finger'; Rand is good guy, tries to be strong in pack of enuchs deballed Republicans and malcreant democrats, lets see where it goes! my money riding on 'NOWHERE', but good start

‘Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) joined "Fox & Friends" Monday to discuss why he says Dr. Anthony Fauci is lying about his involvement with coronavirus gain-of-function research. Paul said Fauci lied to Congress, which is a felony, about the origins of coronavirus and the Wuhan, China lab research.’

They in DC, deepstate, academia, medical doctors, alphabet agencies like CDC, FDA etc. are so deep in the crimes of COVID, if we jailed the wrongdoers we will need to build new jails by the day in America. Filty criminals they are.