BOOM! Representative Clay Higgins showed stones of steel to media IT executives, because they perpetrated an 'act of war' on the American People when they WITTINGLY interfered in the 2020 Election

by Paul Alexander

Clandestine Twitter: ARRESTS to follow he said, man oh man, I love this guy, we need more like Clay! It's going to get worse for after this investigation we will be arresting you, it is to come!

Clandestine, whomever she or he is, is always eviscerating and I love it!

The emotional, psychological, and societal damage and scars will be life-long. Forever. For most of it, the lockdown lunacy and the gene injection, made no sense and was not grounded in any sound science. Moreover, it quickly morphed into power-drunkenness. What those we trusted did to us, was monstrous on so many levels with so many years lost to us as adults and our children. We could not even bury our dead and our family and friends died alone, cold, often isolated with no human contact in the hospital system. They terrorized, shamed, ostracized, demeaned, scorned, censored, and propagandized us simply for asking questions and wanting to make our own decisions.