BOOM! Riley Gaines: Transgender insanity! The left is aiming for ‘Systemic Eradication of Women’, Female Athlete Who Competed Against Trans Swimmer; this is NOT nonsense, going underreported

by Paul Alexander

categorizing transgender men as women, particularly in sports, is contributing to the “systemic eradication of women.”; so much praise for Riley Gaines! Hero of mines; why do democrats hate women?

This Lia Thomas bullshit has to end, we need to say NO to these hard back men pretending to be women and displacing women; women have had a difficult time prior, brutal, yet now, if we stand back and chuckle at this and say ‘it’s not really a thing’, we will be side swiped and before you know it women will be relegated below trans freak men wanting to be women, perverts and mental sick freaks they are. Call me what you wish but that’s my view.



Gaines, who competed against Lia Thomas, a man living as a woman, in last year’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) swimming championship, tied down to the hundredth of a second with Thomas during a freestyle race, causing Gaines to share fifth place in the race with her male competitor.’

“When people say this is a nonissue … that’s not true. This is so underreported that it’s mind blowing,” Gaines said. “This is happening to children and women of all ages and all sports all the way from, I mean, peewee to Masters. It’s happening in Masters golf right now, so that’s not true, but even if that were true, let’s say even one woman is displaced, it’s bigger than just being displaced. It’s the systemic eradication of women that the left is trying to achieve.”

So, I'm still baffled as to why Democrats hate biological women. I realize they want to destroy America and society in general so they can rebuild us into a Marxist paradise... but they need real women (Boots).