BOOM! Switzerland: Why has Swiss government now moved to say NO (none) COVID gene injection is recommended now, even for HIGH-RISK persons? What does the Swiss government know that the US does not?

by Paul Alexander

Simple, they know that COVID mRNA technology based LNP injection is a fraud, dangerous, does not protect the airways & causes harms, death, re-infection; WHO on April 7th said none for healthy kids!

No one is to get this dangerous poison, no one under 65, over 65, NO one!

Ask yourself: why did WHO quietly say that these shots must be stopped in healthy children? How many healthy children got them via scared parents, and got harmed and died? We must strip WHO down to the studs and jail many of those corrupted WHO technocrats who advocated this! Jim Hoft of Gateway again ahead of the pack!

All COVID vaccine recommendations withdrawn and doctors can now only administer vaccine in unique special cases. Individual cases. Case by case.

I have 7 key messages today this Easter Monday 2023:


2)I again call on Dr. Robert Malone to go in front of the US congress ‘under oath’ (to be questioned by non-conflicted scientists and even lay persons) and testify as to what was his role in mRNA technology development, what he knows as to the danger, when he knew it, and why it took him so long to stand against it; Dr. Malone, it is a public health imperative given you said you invented the mRNA technology repeatedly and the record is there and you were silent on key issues that resulted in deaths e.g. did not stay in injection site, is reversed transcribed back into DNA, does not get readily dissolved etc.

3) All doctors and scientists, all health officials, all government technocrats, all persons and agencies, who advocated for these shots knowing full well that it was not safety tested and knowing the possible harms, must have their medical licenses stripped and be fired, be fully investigated as to how they were incentivized and held to account via proper legal proceedings.

4)POTUS Trump must commit to a compensation fund being set up to recompense and make ‘whole’ all those and their families harmed by these OWS gene injections, direct and indirect

5)POTUS Trump must reverse the ‘LIABILITY PROTECTION’ that all vaccine makers and FDA etc. have enjoyed and make it retroactive to February 2020, allowing damaged parties to sue even retroactively with no cap on awards.

6)Again, all COVID related gene injections, mRNA and DNA platforms must be stopped fully in the US, complete! There is no benefit, only harms!

7)Moderna and Pfizer and their CEOs must be investigated fully by an independent law agency (not the FBI or congress) e.g. a special counsel etc.